From AI to Tech Towns: Top 10 Technology Business Blogs 2020

CompTIA’s top tech business blogs for 2017 shows how the tech industry responded in the face of the pandemic, how businesses adapted to unprecedented chaos and change, as well as how we have become stronger and more resilient. We may all be looking forward to 2021, but it’s still worth remembering what we went through this past year and how we can improve our future. An old saying says that the past is where you learn the lesson; the future is where the lesson is applied.
This year’s CompTIA top technology blog list is a sort of timeline. It shows how the tech industry responded in the face of the pandemic, how businesses reacted, and how they adapted to unprecedented chaos and change. And, finally, how we have become stronger and more resilient than we were last year. These are all things we can use to build on for the next twelve months. Our top 10:
Ten Emerging Technologies That Will Make an Impact in 2020
CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community published its annual Top 10 Emerging Technology List. This list focuses on emerging technologies with potential for immediate business impact. AI is the top-ranked technology in 2020.
Eight Cybersecurity Tips to Work Remotely
Many remote workers may not think IT security is important. Here are 8 tips to help employees and businesses keep their businesses safe.
2020 Tech Towns Resilient Despite Uncertainty As Remote Work Grows
If 2020 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected. Except maybe when it comes down to CompTIA’s Tech Town Index. The third annual report ranks the top 20 US locations for IT professionals to live and work. It provides guidance on where opportunities intersect with affordability for both workers and companies. The 2020 report will also cover remote work and how it is affecting the landscape of Tech Towns across America.
How AI and Other Technologies are Managing Coronavirus
Coronavirus is being combated using artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and drones. Technology alone is not the solution.
Four Things You Need to Know About Emerging Technology
Emerging technology is still a hot topic. The best way to reap the benefits and potential of all this new technology is in the context of modern IT.
Blockchain Myths Busted: It’s more than Bitcoin and SMBs can also benefit
CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council has created an infographic to help businesses understand the potential of blockchain and increase awareness of its potential.
How to implement diversity and inclusion in your small business
According to CompTIA’s Diversity & Inclusion Plan for Technology Small Businesses, studies show that diverse workplaces have a high impact on productivity and profitability.
Six free CompTIA resources to help you market your MSP business
CompTIA has created a variety of resources that can be used to help MSPs market themselves and other channel companies in innovative ways. It is crucial to find a new way to communicate your message or services.
Cancelled by COVID-19 Here’s how to turn your in-person meeting into a virtual success
CompTIA transformed the annual Communities & Councils Forum in just 10 days from an in-person meeting into an online success. Here’s how it happened.
CompTIA ISAO 101 – What is it? Why does it matter? How can you benefit?
What is the CompTIA ISAO? How does it work? MJ Shoer, Executive Director, answers these questions and more. She also explains how CompTIA members can join to help improve the cybersecurity resilience of the IT sector today.