What People Say about Estheticland?

What People Say about Estheticland?
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Estheticland – Cosmetic Surgery5.0Based on 40 reviewsSee all reviewsWrite a reviewEstheticland – Cosmetic Surgery1.0Based on 2 reviewsSee all reviewsWrite a reviewZayna Macfarlane13:03 14 Feb 20I have came here for Brazilian But Lift. Surgery has been performed in 6 hours. I am happy with my new look and I thank you them.anadolu arsa ofisi20:19 09 Feb 20Thank you for rhinoplasty surgery and VIP Driver. Estheticland Surgeons are kind and honest people. After 1 month, everything happened like they said.Bobby Watson13:39 05 Feb 20For hair transplant, this place is best. Thank you for everything!Çiftlik Ekipman13:52 04 Feb 20I always feared from hair transplant but now I am happy. I got a hair transplant surgery one year ago, now I have my new look thanks to Estheticland. Thank you again for your treatment.Omar Ãlí02:13 25 Dec 19ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ʙᴏᴏsᴛᴇʀ ᴏɴ ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ᴄᴏᴏʟSéraphine Baudet Hector11:10 17 Dec 19I can recommend them to you easily… I had an small breast enlargment surgery in Cosmetic Surgery Turkey. I have met them through online channels in Brighton, England and came to Turkey. I am glad that I have came here.Léopold Sardou Bonnet22:05 07 Dec 19For breast augmentation, this place is number one! Thank you Cosmetic Surgery Turkey!Selen Özcan Yurttaş15:47 26 Nov 19Cosmetic Surgery Turkey has given me the lips I always want. They use only quality lip filler and also their estheticians are professionals. I recommend them for cosmetic surgeries.Catalina Sandin Brusa20:03 25 Nov 19Cosmetic Surgery Turkey, created a new nose for me. As a dancer, my look is my art and I had a rhinoplasty before 3 months here. As a old customer, I can recommend them.Laura Echtinaw12:12 24 Nov 19″Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey is a big sector. I know chosing right plastic surgeon and plastic surgery clinic was important. After seeing Estheticland in Istanbul, I meet with them and performed a Hair Transplant. After 5 months, my hair growed like they promised me.Gopinder Kumar11:55 24 Nov 19After my long research, I decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. And I called Estheticland. After Doktor Resit Burak Kaya gave me an appointment, I came to Turkey and performed my rhinoplasty surgery. He and Estheticland gave the nose job which I want. I am glad to give this decision.Achille Bonhomme Lahaye14:53 22 Nov 19I had a rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul with Estheticland Doctors. Dr. Resit Burak Kayan is an amazing doctor. My nose is just I wanted, next time in Turkey, I will visit you for thanking again.Saadet sakin09:50 17 Nov 19After my rhinoplasty surgery in Estheticland Cosmetic Surgery Turkey, I got the nose I always wanted. Recovery process after rhinoplasty was not so long or painful. I used sprays, creams and other things which Estheticland Doctor Reşit Kayan told me. I am happy with my new look. I recommend them, thank you.Gizem Yılmaz21:07 13 Nov 19Rhinoplasty is normally a dangerous surgery. However, my Rhinoplasty operation with Estheticland was good. After 15 days, my tapes came out, and now everything is fine.Ceren Alara Hacıoğlu07:03 07 Nov 19My rhinoplasty surgery was a success. I am happy with my new look. For a better and aesthetic nose, thank you.Cristóbal Cascon07:47 04 Nov 19Las referencias de Estheticland me dieron el coraje para la cirugía de rinoplastia. Estheticland es un lugar exitoso con sus médicos y personal. Turquía es ideal para ser operado en el extranjero.Ruaridh Lindsay Mullen07:12 23 Oct 19Thank you for my rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. Dr. Emre Gonenc Baygol was a helpful and expert plastic surgeon. Also their location is at central of Istanbul. Easy to find and after surgery, they help you for the recovery process.Bartolo Fajardo Vernaldino07:24 17 Oct 19Tuve la operacion de gastrectomia en manga, hace 4 meses. Todavía estoy en el período de dieta. Perdí casi 35 kilos. El profesor es genial y tan experimentado. Puedo decir que uno de los cirujanos más destacados del mundo trabaja en Estheticland.También nos gusta el personal del hospital. Eran muy amables y muy serviciales. Y todavía están en contacto conmigo y siguen haciéndome preguntas sobre mi estado de salud regularmente. También, muchas gracias por la hospitalidad.Larnaz Alonso de Carrión11:03 14 Oct 19Después de 6 meses de trasplante de cabello en Estheticland, mi cabello creció rápidamente. El Dr. Emre Gönenç y Yusuf Topal me dieron la información médica necesaria. También me ayudaron con el proceso de curación. Sr. El volcán fue amable. Esperé seis meses para escribir este comentario.Berktuğ Gülenyüz09:08 14 Oct 19They have new generation technology and they explain the treatment and its process with detailed. I had DHI Hairt Transplant in here. I am at 4th month after operation and even now I am happy with results.Hammon Nestemon15:58 05 Oct 19I had a rhinoplasty surgery in here. It was a good experience for me. I saw another country with lots of different culture. I stayed one week more in Turkey for this surgery. Estheticland is an safe place and hospital. Great doctors and personel. I learned them when I am in England from another friend who was here, I am glad to listened him.Gloria Rosa Wimmer07:29 30 Sep 19Great people and service. I got facial and skin care here. Dr. Emre Gonenc Baygol was such a gentlemen and Mr. Volkan was a nice person to talk. I came here for bussiness but I know Turkey is cheap for medical esthetic, also doctors are great and they are famous. The personal is a litle chatty and place is a litle noisy but hygien and treatment process are really qualified.Lilly Druthers17:09 26 Sep 19Doctors are nice and kind. Workers are nice and expert. I always feared from rhinoplasty until here. I came here thanks to a friend from Brighton. I saw a country and also got my medical treatment. I recommend them but Istanbul is a lousy place…Melena Doholov08:46 25 Sep 19Nice place to have a skin care if you visit Turkey. They are nice and chatty, also their equipment new and clean. That’s enough for me.Nicolas Côme Laflèche10:36 24 Sep 19I came here from Denmark for my cosmetic surgery. Surgeon was nice and kind person, he hold me calm while DHI operation was being performed. It was a nice day for me. Thank you.selene springfield19:25 23 Sep 19It is an exceptional place. Doctors and nurses are great. My rhinoplasty surgery was soft and everything went well. Also, hotel and car drive service were as they promised.Morad Qirman06:49 17 Sep 19I had a hair-transplant operation here. It was a DHI operation, after 3 months my hair was completely natural looking and operation was painless.Nour Alamaq22:38 15 Sep 19Great personel with exceptional doctors. I had a nose job surgery, my recovery was fast and soft thanks to their support. Also, Mr. Onur and Volkan were helpful to me while I am there. Thank you Estheticland.Daniel Malbasic08:03 11 Sep 19Great clinic with great personal. Thank you for your help.Melanie Ann Molly19:23 09 Sep 19They paid my plane tickets and hotel fee. I came for a rhinoplasty surgery. Mr. Volkan was very nice person and he told every step of the procedure. Dr. Gonenc Baygol was a professional and he gave advices for recovery process. I am happy with my new nose. I can recommend them.Colin Macgill22:35 07 Sep 19I had a hair transplant operation in this clinic. After 3 months, I saw a progress on my hair intensity. Also their Specialist Mrs. Sevil was a kind person. I can recommend them.Megan Callahan19:39 06 Sep 19I saw them on trustpilot. I had a great face lift surgery in here. It was a small operation, they are fast and clean. I liked it. Also hotel was nice. Next year, my husband also will get the service of hair transplant. I recommend them to you.Bianca Valenzuela20:02 05 Sep 19I came Istanbul for bussiness trip. I had some extra kilos before here while in NYC. Because of these my skin looked bad. After two seassion skin care and treatment in Estheticland, every stain in my skin passed. Also their personal is really chatty and sweat. 🙂Brigitte Becker Becker09:33 02 Sep 19I live in Heiligenstein, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. I came Turkey for a business trip. Stayed a stinky hotel and city was really far away from the airport. But still the people were nice. They behaved kindly and hospitally. Great culture and and history… I know a friend from Estheticland before. When I met her at Kadikoy, she told me about Estheticland and their services. I just wanted to give a try because I trust her and also prices were cheap. I had a minor facial filling for my cheeks. It was painless and fast. I saw instant effect and after 6 months still it is nice. Also, whenever I want, I can ask questions to them. Still I admire them. Thank you all.Jack Bryan Stracey18:54 01 Sep 19I came Istanbul first for my school. I was a exchange student. At first weekend we started to tour the city and in Sisli we saw Estheticland. I entered there with my company. They told us about their services and also they bought our launches 🙂 After two weeks, I got a facial skin care and treatment from them. My acnes and some traces got lost. When I go there again, definetly I will use their services.nyma tonks19:08 31 Aug 19I am Natalie Tonks, I live in Idaho, USA. I came Turkey for touristic visit because my husband was in Istanbul for one year. He is a U.S Marine. He wanted to go back there to show me around. At first, there was a huge crowd and it was like a litle bit dirty but still it is one of the greatest cities on the world. I didn’t think make a cosmetic surgery but in İstanbul I saw Estheticland while walking on the street. My husband insisted on me to enter there. They welcomed us and talked about plastic surgeries. As I can see, they know what they do and their prices are really cheap. Dr. Gonenc as I can remember his name, made a minor face lift surgery for me, it was easy and fast. They gave me recorvery pills free and also consultation chance. I feel lucky myself. If I go there again, I will definetly visit them 🙂claire abbot14:19 30 Aug 19I live in Istanbul, Turkey since 2014. I came here first for a business and then I resettle here for a new life. In London, we have health and beauty clinics to but they are really expensive and every recovery drug, process and extra treatment are expensive as much as surgery. In Istanbul, most of the clinics are cheap and they behave hospitally. I met Estheticland at Mecidiyekoy. They smiled me and gave me information about surgeries, procedures. I had a facelift surgery, it was easy and even I didn’t see a blood drop or feel. Thank you for these nice procedure.Zeynel KARGIN11:41 28 Aug 19I did hair transplantation in April. They were so nice and friendly. I got almost 3.000 grafts and now they grew up so fast. I have hair :)) Thank you so much for everything. I recommend all people!Beytullah ACAR07:23 27 Aug 19When I am in Australia, I was working for an construction firm, I had an bad injury and it made me look bad. My company didn’t provide a treatment for me. Because of this bad sitution I need to a cheap but quality esthetic and plastic surgery clinic. I found Dr. Emre Gönenç Baygöl on internet. I contacted with him and he called me to Turkey. He and his team on Estheticland cured my injury on face. Now, there is only a small trace on my face but it is not prominent or important. While I am recovering, they always supported me with their communication team, answered my questions. Also they provided me to hotel, food and transportation. I can recommend them to you with confidence.Tunahan Yaman08:43 26 Aug 19When I am in Germany, I checked some esthetic clinics in Turkey because they were cheap. I found that, Estheticland in Istanbul has best doctors for this job like Emre Gönenç Baygöl or Ali Durmuş. I researched the doctors and see their past works. When I am sure I called them for plastic surgery. They helped me for hotel reservation, food services and transportation. Now I am in recovery process for my rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. I feel better and whenever I want, I can ask questions to their team and they help me. Soon, I will go back to the Germany with a new and better look. I recommend them to you because I don’t want you to get harm from other clinics.Next ReviewsAbout Us
Estheticland, that gives service with its’ A+ international hospital and a quite well-known clinic in the heart of Istanbul, continues to improve the quality of life of the patients. Our aim has always been to provide best service with the most qualified doctors and teams to people from all over the world. We have been taking sure steps on how to raise the health standards by means of our advanced technology without compromising the medical ethics with the principle of “Living healthy and happy is everybody’s fundamental right.”Quick Link

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