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What is gastric balloon ?
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What is gastric balloon ?
Gastric Balloonsystemconsistsof asoft,expandableballoon,a specialtubethat is usedforplacingandfillingthe balloonin thestomachand aspecialballoonliquid filler.That construction allowdoctorto placegastric balloonthrough themouthand esophagusof the patientinthe stomach, andthenfillitwith sterilesaline.After fillingthe balloonistoolarge toentertheintestineandwillfloatfreelyin the stomach.
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Who can use gastric balloon ?
How gastric balloon is placed in the stomach?How long we can use gstric balloon ?
Howgastricballoonisremoved fromstomach?
How muchweightcan I loseusing agastric balloon?
What kind ofunpleasantsymptomscanbe expectedusing agastricballoon?

Who can use gastric balloon ?
The system isdesignedtohelppeoplewhoweighat least40%morethan they shouldand have notmanaged to get along-termweight lossusingothermethods.Gastricballoonmay beparticularlyhelpfulto peoplewho have to undergoanothersurgery,importantfortheir health,orlife, and whicharedisqualifiedbecauseoftheir weight.
How gastric balloon is placed in the stomach?
Placing a balloon in the stomach does not require surgery, because it is inserted through the mouth.In the initial phase of the surgery the doctor carried out a preliminary examination of the stomach using endoscopic probe.If it finds any anomalies, continues the treatment by inserting a balloon through the mouth and esophagus to the stomach.The balloon is made of soft, supple and flexible silicone material.Is placed in the stomach in the form of the blank when it is small and easy to swallow.The process of swallowing a balloon is further supported by local anesthesia administered.Drugs are also used muscle relaxants.When the balloon is already in the stomach is filled with sterile saline through a small tube attached to the balloon.After filling the balloon doctor removes the tube gently pulling on its end.Balloon has a self-closing valve, which means that it is tightly closed.Since then, the balloon floats freely in the stomach.The procedure usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes, after which for a time the patient is under medical supervision, and then allowed to go home, or stay in the clinic for further observation.
How long we can use gstric balloon ?
Currently,gastricballooncan beusedfor 6 months.Longertermuseis notrecommended.With the passageof timeweakens thegastricacidic environment inthe material fromwhichthe balloon isconstructedand cancauserupture ofthe balloon.Ifyour doctorrecommends that you usea balloonfor a periodlongerthan6 monthsoldballoonafter6monthsshouldbereplaced.When usinga balloondoctormay prescribe aspecificset ofdrugsto lowerthe acidity ofthe stomach.
Howgastricballoonisremoved fromstomach?
The balloon isremovedby the sameroute,whichwasplaced–throughthe esophagusand mouth.Before removing thepatient is givena muscle relaxantandlocal anestheticthroat.Withthe use ofendoscopicprobeanda specialtube,the doctorpierces theballooninthe stomach, thengrabsa balloonandremoves itfrom the patient.
How muchweightcan I loseusing agastric balloon?
Please notethat thegastricballoonin itselfdoes notcauseweightloss.Itisonlythroughtheuse ofproper dietandchangingeating habits.The degreeof weight lossis highly dependenton thetype ofdietand degreeofcompliance.Keepingthe weightachievedafter theremoval ofthe balloondepends onthe extent to whichyoumightadapttoa newlifestyle,in particularto thenew eatinghabitsand attentiontophysical activity.
What kind ofunpleasantsymptomscanbe expectedusing agastricballoon?
It is verylikelythat the presence ofthe balloonin thestomachwillcausenauseaand vomitingduring the firstfewdays afteritsapplication.Your doctormayprescribemeasurestosignificantlyalleviatethese symptoms.There is ariskthat weight losswhileusing theballoonwill benegligibleornil.Again,it should be stressedthat the involvement ofthe patientin theprocess of introducingandapplyinga proper dietis crucialforthe final effect.There isalsoa riskthat a largeandrapidweight losswill result inother health problems.We encouragepatientsto discuss theseissueswithyour doctorbeforeundergoingthesurgery.
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What is gastric balloon ?
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