WebAssign Tools can help students excel in Applied Calculus

Students approach Applied Calculus with different learning styles and levels of preparation. You as an instructor need to decide how to assess your students before they enter the classroom, and then ensure that they understand the concepts once they leave.
WebAssign has created course materials that focus on student understanding and readiness. This will help you to increase your students’ success. You only need to learn how to use them, and then assign them. That’s why we are here to help you.
Continue reading to learn which WebAssign tools to use in the coming semester and how you can assign them to your students.
Assess Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Applied Calculus
Expanded Problems and Master It Exercises

Expanded Problems (EPs) are available for Tan, Harshbarger, and Larson titles. These question types reveal students’ thinking and help to demonstrate their work. EPs require students show intermediate steps to solve the problem. This allows you to pinpoint areas where students are struggling. These questions are useful for homework or as a quiz to help students understand the concepts.

Stand-Alone Master Its include a step by step tutorial of a problem to help students understand the steps involved in solving it. Students will work through the tutorial to complete each step to find the solution. Students are not required to complete the final answer. These problems can be used to introduce students to new topics or to refresh students’ understanding of how to break down large topics into smaller steps. You can also track the students’ answers to each step in your grade book to see where they are struggling.

Master Its (MIs), questions that have an optional tutorial feature, allow students to follow the steps of solving a problem. If help features are enabled, students can click the Master It icon to open a tutorial version. The tutorial walks the student through the problem-solving steps and then returns them to the original problem to be solved using the same process. Master Its help students to understand how to solve a particular problem rather than just giving the solution. They are most useful during homework and review assignments.

These Questions: How to Find and Assign

Navigate to the question browser.
Choose a chapter or section from the book.
Select ‘MicroView’ from the Display Options, and then click the ‘Update Listing’ button. This will allow you to view all questions in this section.
Search ‘.EP. Expanded Problems – Use ‘CTRL+F” to search for the question abbreviation (see above) to quickly highlight the questions you are looking for.
Stand-Alone Master Its. Search ‘MI.SA.’
Master Its – Search ‘.MI?

Select a question to add to your assignment.
For even more Applied Calculus Support
These tools can be used to help students with Algebra concepts and other learning formats.
If your students need more practice with prerequisite algebra concepts, you can use Assign Algebra remediation activities. The remediation exercises can be found in Course Packs depending on the title. These exercises are usually located in Chapter 0 and 1, or in an appendix to algebra. These exercises can be assigned at the beginning of the course to review or as a part of the course for just in-time learning.
Students should have access to Watch It videos for step-by-step instruction. Students can view Watch It videos for a variety of questions if the instructor has enabled help features.