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Easy 5 Steps to Restore Your Hair
Book an appointment online in less than 30 secondsVisit any of our 240+ clinics across 130+ cities and consult our expert doctorsTake a Digital Hair Analysis to evaluate hair lossGet a personalized treatment plan depending on your hair condition.Have convenient treatment follow-ups once a month.Study

Accoring to an independent study conducted by A C Nielson:
90% Dr Batra’s™ patients do not change to any other treatment.
Around 73% patients recommend Dr Batra’s™Homeopathy as the best solution for their problem as compared to any other form of treatment.
Did You Know?

About 75% of women in India find bald men less attractive.
Balding men look 5 years older than their age.
41% of men selected for job interviews had full hair as against to 27% of those who were balding.

Hairfall Naturally
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About Doctor Jai Bansal
Dr. Jai Bansal has introduced the hair transplant clinic in Jaipur India, which is named as Dr. HAIR a cosmetic, laser and Hair Transplant in Jaipur. Dr. hair provides the services regarding the hair problems such as hair fall, hair transplant, hair restoration and cosmetic surgery. Now you don’t have to fear about losing your hair because Now Dr. Hair has opened many branches in India.
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