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Stomach Botox for Weight Losing
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Excessive weighthas always been a problem. Without noticing, we can gain weight. But beingoverweight or obese has different healthy risks. To help weight losing process, stomach Botox has been applied to different patients.
In most cases,weight losing can be a hard and challenging process. And in some cases, youmight not lose any weight no matter what you do. Healthy diet and exercisemight not help you in your weight losing journey. At that point, asking helpfrom medicine and technology can boost your weight losing efforts.
There are differentsurgical and non-surgical obesity treatments. Generally, surgicalobesity treatments are preferred forthe most severe cases. In extreme cases, bariatric surgery can be theonly option to lose weight. However, in moderate to mild weight problem,patients can lose weight effectively with non-surgical treatments.
Stomach Botox which is also known as gastric Botox is one of the non-surgical treatments. This means, patients do not have to go under a surgery. This significantly reduces risks associated with surgery. What is more, recovery is faster than surgery. Due to these positive aspects, increasing number of patients around the world with weight problem are choosing Botox to help their weight losing process.
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What is obesity? How can it be treated?
What is Botox?
WhatIs Stomach Botox?
WhoCan Have Stomach Botox?
IsIt Different Than Facial Botox?
How is nonsurgical treatment of obesity treated with “Botox of the stomach”?
IsThis Procedure Permanent?
How Much Weight CanYou Lose After This Procedure?DoesStomach Botox Has Side Effects?
Recovery After Stomach Botox

What is obesity? How can it be treated?
Obesity is a growing health problem in Turkey and around the world. Obesity, defined by the World Health Organization as “an accumulation of fat that negatively affects the health of the body,” is the disruption of the body’s energy balance and the increase in body weight to a degree that harms to health because of energy consumption at a higher level than the energy expended.
What is Botox?
Botox is a medicinal protein obtained from a bacterium called “Clostridium botulinum” administered into the body by means of injections. This protein blocks the electrical flow in the nerves of the area of ​​application, thus preventing the muscles from contracting for 4 to 6 months.
Botox has been used for over 10 years for eye diseases, neurological diseases, skin wrinkles and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Its effectiveness observed in strabismus caused by unwanted ocular muscle extraction, neurological diseases in which undesirable muscle contractions are observed and wrinkles caused by the contraction of gestural muscles is the result of its prevention of muscle contractions.
WhatIs Stomach Botox?
Actually, thisnon-surgical treatment is Botox injection to stomach. In most cases, thisprocedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes. In this sense, gastric Botox can be consideredas relatively fast procedures.
In stomach Botox,botulinum toxin is injected to stomach muscles. This way, stomach muscles will act more slowly than they originally do. This slower move will makedigestion slower as well. This way, food will be kept in the stomach for alonger time. This increases sense of fullness and reduce the desire to eatmore.
As foods aredigested slowly, they will move to intestines slowly as well. In general,gastric Botox can help increasing sense of fullness to help weight losing.Botox is injected by using an endoscopy tool. During this procedure, this toolis placed from the mouth to the stomach. Doctor uses a guide light to correctlyinject the Botox. When doctor reaches to stomach, Botox is injected to stomachmuscle. Then, endoscopy tools is slowly removed. There is no need to havegeneral anaesthesia. In this sense, risk associated with general anaesthesiaare eliminated.
WhoCan Have Stomach Botox?
If you have weightproblem and if you cannot lose your excess weight with diet or exercise, youmight want to consider stomach Botox. But before this operation, youneed to follow a diet for at least 6 months. It is important to try dieting andexercise before having this procedure.
Although gastricBotox is not a surgical operation, there are still risks. Since this is aninjection, you are injecting a foreign substance to your body. It is almostimpossible to predict how your body will react. In most cases, this procedureis considered to be safe. However, some patients might experience side effects.
Before deciding onthis procedure, it is advised to ask help from a dietitian or nutritionalexpert. This way, you can plan your eating program before and after stomachBotox. It is important to avid pushing your limits after your surgery. Forthis reason, professional help for your nutritional plan can help your weightlosing.
Also, you might want to combined your diet plan with exercise. In this sense, you might also want to work with a sport coach or sport professional. Increasing your mobility will support your weight loss. Regular sports will also help you to keep your healthy. Well-planned diet and exercise are key factors for a healthy lifestyle.
Note: A person’s body mass index (BMI) is calculated by dividing their weight in kg by the square of their height in meters.
For example,
the BMI of a person who hasa height of 170 cm (1.7 m) and has a weight of 100 kg is calculated as follows:
100 / (1.7 x 1.7) = 34.6 and is therefore also suitable for gastric Botox.
Stomach Botox, practiced by our expert medical team, one of the most experienced in Turkey, has important advantages for the treatment of obesity:
Our clients can lose up to 25% of their excess weight in 6 to 8 months and reach their ideal weight.
We observe that our guests have significant improvements in the link with obesity diseases.
*Post-procedure side effects are limited because of the high safety profile of Botox in the stomach, which has effects lasting 4 to 6 months. Botox stomach is a very safe procedure.
*After the procedure, our expert medical team that you can reach 24/7 is available to answer your questions, make recommendations and conduct tests at specific intervals.
IsIt Different Than Facial Botox?
When we talk aboutBotox, most people think about facial Botox. Actually, Botox has differentapplications. You can use Botox for cosmetic purposes, reduce your sweating orto lose weight. In all these cases, same material is used.
Botox or botulinumtoxin is a material that limits contradiction of muscles. In case of facialBotox, this material will limit contradiction of facial muscles. Since youcannot move your muscles, your face will look tighter and younger. This way,you will have less visible wrinkles.
In case of Botoxapplication for sweating, your muscles that cause excessive sweating areblocked. This way, you will sweat less than you normally do.
In case of stomach Botox, contradiction of your stomach muscles will decrease. In this case, your stomach muscles will move slowly. This will slow down digestion process. Since food will leave your stomach in longer time, you will feel fuller for longer time. This will decrease your desire to eat more. And as you eat less, you will lose weight faster.
How is nonsurgical treatment of obesity treated with “Botox of the stomach”?
Botox injections are performed with a gastroscopy that allows to visualize in detail the stomach. Thanks to this, the only discomfort caused to our guests is limited to gastroscopy. Since the Botox stomach is applied by endoscopy, clients do not need any type of preparation. The guests are first sedated to minimize discomfort before the endoscopic tube with a camera on its end passes through the mouth to the stomach.
After the pipe reaches the stomach and imagines it, injections of Botox are administered to the planned zones. The patient is woken up and released 1 to 2 hours after the procedure which lasts on average 15 to 20 minutes.
IsThis Procedure Permanent?
Gastric Botox isnot a permanent procedure. The effects of this procedure will disappear after 3or 4 months. But you can have 3 Botox injection sessions. Researchers show thatit is safe to have three stomach Botox to support your weight losingprocess.
More than threeBotox injections to your stomach might not have desired effects. However, youwill lose sufficient amount of weight in this process. Patients start losingweight even after the first injection. As you will digest slowly, you willconsume less food. This will become a habit and you will consume less food eventhe effects of Botox disappear.
How Much Weight CanYou Lose After This Procedure?
It is not possibleto given an exact number. Your weight losing will depend on many factors. Forexample, if you are obese or overweight, you will probably lose more weightthan people with mild or moderate weight problem.
On the other hand,if you follow a strict diet and exercise program, you will probably lose moreweight. Limiting your calorie intake after stomach Botox procedure willsignificantly improve your results. In addition to following a diet, doing mildto moderate exercise will also support your entire weight loosing process.
DoesStomach Botox Has Side Effects?
In general,patients do not complain about any stomach Botox side effects. But insome cases, there might be discomfort for the few couple of days. Botoxinjection changes movements of your muscles. So, you body need time to adjustto these changes. And it might take up to 7 days to adjust.
As you will try toconsume food like you used to do, this will cause discomfort and digestionproblems. Over time, you will adjust to your new situation. Additionally,endoscopy might also cause some discomfort. But this discomfort is temporaryand you will feel better in couple of hours.
Recovery After Stomach Botox
Stomach Botoxrecovery is relativelysimple. Most patient do not feel discomfort or any side effects after thisprocedure. There is no need for hospitalisations. You can immediately go backto your daily life.
For the first couple of days, you might want to avoid hard to digest foods. You need time to adjust to your new conditions. Also, it is better to avoid alcohol and smoking for the first week. This will prevent feeling uncomfortable or any stomach pains. Additionally, starting your diet program couple of weeks before the operation can also help adjusting to stomach Botox. Other than these, you do not need any special precautions.
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