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Hair loss is a big problem for men. For this reason, men look for a solution to this problem. Sapphire Fue Hair transplant is a surgical operation that ends hair loss problem. In recent years, hair transplant has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations. Increasing number of men are choosing this method to restore hair.
This operationfirst started in 1980s. However, hair transplant has come a long way since 80s.In the past, there was only one method to restore hair. This method was calledFUT – follicular unit transplant. But FUT method causes scarring at the back ofthe head. Although patients got their hair back, they might still feeluncomfortable about scarring.
But all of theseare problems of the past. For the last decade, new methods are developed forhair transplant operations. Currently, almost all operations end with noscarring. What is more, patients can have more natural looking hair thanbefore. New hair implant technologies and experienced doctors are helpingpatients to have the results they have always wanted.
Hair transplant Sapphire which is commonly know as Sapphire FUE hair transplant is one of these advanced hair transplant methods. Doctors in different hair transplant clinics are operating their patients with this method. In this article, we will talk about this operation and some of the most frequently asked questions about this operation. Before making a hair transplant decision, it is important to know all the details. This way, it is easier to make up your mind and take that first step for natural looking hair.
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FUESapphire Hair Transplant OperationWhatIs FUE Hair Extraction?
WhatIs Sapphire Hair Implant?

IsHair Transplant Sapphire Results Permanent?
DifferencesBetween FUE Sapphire and DHI
RecoveryAfter FUE Sapphire
HairTransplant Sapphire in Turkey
FUESapphire Hair Transplant Operation
FUE Sapphire hairtransplant consists of twostages. These stages are called hair extraction and hair implanting. Actually,this operation is named after two stages of the operation as well. FUE is thehair extraction method while Sapphire is hair implanting method. Let’s talkabout these two methods in detail.
WhatIs FUE Hair Extraction?
FUE hair extraction is the first step of entire Sapphire FUE hair transplant. Actually, FUE (follicular unit extraction) method can be used in other operations as well. For example, hair roots for beard and moustache transplant and eyebrow transplant are also collected with FUE method.
In this method,special handheld punch motors are used. These are small devices that enablecollecting hair roots with minimum tissue damage. Each hair grafts is collectedone by one. Since local anaesthesia is applied before the operation, patientsdo not fee any pain or discomfort.
When these hairgrafts are collected, each graft can have 1 to 3 hair roots. Number of hairroots per graft can vary between patients. This number depends on haircharacteristic of patient. When hair grafts are collected with punch motors,these are kept in special solution before implanting stage. In this solution,tissue surrounding hair roots are cleaned. It is important to clean all the tissuebefore implanting hair.
WhatIs Sapphire Hair Implant?
In Sapphire hair implant, doctor will open channels to donor area. Donor area is where hair roots will be implanted. In this method, channels are opened with special sapphire edged blades. These sapphire edged blades provide various benefits.
First, these bladesensure cleaner cut on scalp. These cuts will have less damage to thesurrounding tissue. Smaller and cleaner cuts will help hair grafts to fitbetter. Also, less damage around surrounding tissue means faster recovery.
Second, theseblades enable doctors to work more precisely. As this sapphire edged blade issharper, it is possible to open smaller cuts that are close to each other. Thiswill help achieving more natural looking hair and natural hairline.
After hair graftsare placed inside these channels, donor area is dressed. This is important toprevent any infections. Dressed wound will be opened on the 3rd day.Meanwhile, patients need to be careful about their newly transplanted hair.
IsHair Transplant Sapphire Results Permanent?
This is one of themost frequently asked questions when it comes to hair transplant. After fullhair growth which can take up to 1 or 1,5 years, hair transplant Sapphireresults will be permanent. This means, when your hair grows, hair will staythat way. Patients can enjoy their new hair as if they have never lost it.
DifferencesBetween FUE Sapphire and DHI
Main idea behind FUE Sapphire and DHI are the same. In both operations, hair roots are extracted and implanted to recipient region. However, main difference is application method. FUE Sapphire used punch motors and sapphire edged special blades. On the other hand DHI uses special CHOI pens for both extraction and implanting process.
However, number ofgrafts that can be collected with DHI are limited. But in FUE Sapphire method,it is possible to collect 3,000 – 4,500 grafts per operation. For this reason,FUE Sapphire is more suitable for individuals with moderate to excessive hairloss problems. Your doctor will choose the best hair transplant method,before examining your scalp and hair.
RecoveryAfter FUE Sapphire
Recovery after FUESapphire is relatively fast. Patients do not need to be hospitalised after thisoperation. It is possible to go back to normal life 3 days after the surgery.But, patients must avoid intense physical activity for at least 2 weeks.
Also, it isrecommended to quit smoking before the operation. Smoking both slows downrecovery process and significantly reduces hair transplant success rate.Another thing to be considered is alcohol consumption. Alcohol is forbidden for10 days for faster recovery. Also, pool and sea is forbidden for at least 45days. After 45 days, patients need to wash their hair with clean water afterswimming.
During recovery,patients will experience shock loss. In some cases, people are worried whenthey see their hair fall down. But this is the normal process of theoperations. After shock loss, new hair will start to grown. Generally, it takesup to 6 months to see new hair roots. Since hair roots need time to adjust totheir new place, 6 months is considered as normal duration. For full hairgrowth, patients need to wait for approximately 1 year.
HairTransplant Sapphire in Turkey
Hair transplantsapphire in Turkey iscommonly preferred by patients all around the world. Hair transplant clinicsin Turkey are offering this operation to patients. Doctors in these clinicsare experienced in this technique.
Patients choseTurkey for various reasons. Hair transplant Sapphire in İstanbul haveaffordable price. In some countries, hair transplant prices areextremely high. Since health insurance does not pay for these expenses,patients need to pay their own operation cost. In this case, patients oftenlook for cheaper and more affordable alternatives. Patients who are consideringto have hair transplant abroad are choosing Turkey and İstanbul fortheir operation.
Also patients needto stay near hair transplant clinics for the first couple of days. 3days after the surgery, medical team will wash the hair for the first time. Forthis reason, patients need to visit the clinic. In the meantime, it is possibleto discover amazing İstanbul. There are different entertainment options thatare suitable for hair transplant patients. When all these factors areconsidered, İstanbul is one of the best hair transplant destinationsaround the world.
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