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Obesity as one of the greatest problemsof our era is spreading every day. Obesity is a serious and riskyhealth problem that can cause other serious health problems anddeath. Individuals must fight against this problem with an expertdoctor. There are some non-surgical and surgical alternatives amongbariatric treatment. Here are the most effective operations in weightloss…
Excessive weight problem is defined asexcessive fat accumulation on body due to high calorie intake. Theseindividuals need medical treatment to eliminate obesity. Patients whoare afraid of surgical methods or want to lose weight faster and moreeffectively generally choose non-surgical methods. It is noted thatmost effective methods for morbid obese and super obese individualsis surgical methods.
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Most effective non-surgical operationsin weight lossGastric Sleeve
Gastric Balloon
Stomach Botox
Does gastric balloon rupture?
Does non-surgical operations guaranteeweight lost?
Most effective surgical operations inweight loss
Is sleeve gastrectomy risky?

Most effective non-surgical operationsin weight loss
Non-surgical medical operations thatenable the most effective weight loss are divided into two as gastricballoon and stomach Botox.
Gastric Balloon: This is a non-surgicalweight losing method for fast and healthy weight losing of morbidobese patients and effective weight losing in advanced obeseindividuals. Individuals who have body mass index of 25 or higher,individuals with weight losing problems can have this operation ifthey do not have any stomach problem, took long-term cortisonetreatment and are not pregnant. This method helps losingapproximately 10-25 kg and it is completed in 15 minutes.
After sedating or applying generalanaesthesia to the patient, deflated intra gastric balloon is placedin the stomach with endoscopic methods. After placing the balloon tothe stomach, this balloon is inflated with air until reaching 500-900ml volume or with blue dyed serum until reaching 450-500 cc volume.Stomach spasm and mild spasm for the first 3 days is perfectly normaland temporary. After the operation, patient needs to follow specialdiet and exercise program. Otherwise, all lost weights can beregained. Intra gastric balloon must be removed 6-12 months after theoperation. During balloon removal, general anaesthesia is applied.
Stomach Botox: This operation can be applied to anyone with body mass index below 35, below 60 years old and without stomach disease or Botox allergy. This operation approximately takes 20-30 minutes and applied with endoscopic method when the patient is sedated. This treatment restricts contraction of stomach muscles, extends time for food to leave the stomach and helps feeling full for longer time. This way, weight loss is achieved. Effects of this operation will be visible after 3-7 days. Also, effects are permanent for 6 months. When this treatment is supported with diet and exercise, it is possible to lose 4-20kg within 6 months. According to literature, stomach Botox can be applied for maximum 3 times with 6 months intervals.
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric sleeve operation is the most demanded and most common bariatric surgery operation among obesity surgery alternatives. This intervention is applied with laparoscopic methods and some part of the stomach is removed. Remaining part of the stomach is shaped like a tube. This operation will lead the patient to feel full of smaller portions and to have healthier lifestyle.
Gastric Balloon
Obesity is one of the most common problems around the world. In recent years, we can even see obesity among children. This is known as childhood obesity. In most cases, individuals with childhood obesity experience this problem in the future. With advancements in medicine and technology, it is possible to solve this problem. There are different obesity treatments like gastric balloon.
Stomach Botox
Excessive weight has always been a problem. Without noticing, we can gain weight. But being overweight or obese has different healthy risks. To help weight losing process, stomach Botox has been applied to different patients.
Does gastric balloon rupture?
Intra gastric balloon does not haverupturing risk but it can leak. This balloon is inflated with blueliquid to detect any leakage. When there is any leakage, patient’surine will turn green. This way, it is easier to detect any leakage.When this happens, you need to contact to your doctor as balloonlocation and volume needs to be checked.
Does non-surgical operations guaranteeweight lost?
Both surgical or non-surgical operationand applications does not guarantee weight loss alone. After theoperation, patients need to fully cooperate and follow personalprogram. These are the main conditions to lose weight and sustainweight loss after these operations. Otherwise, patient can fail tolose weight or preserve this weight.
Most effective surgical operations inweight loss
Sleeve Gastrectomy: Sleeve gastrectomyis the common name. This is the most demanded and most commonlyapplied bariatric alternative. This is among the most effectiveoperation for weight loss. This operation is applied to patients withbody mass index of 36 or higher, who cannot lose weight with diet andexercise, who experience other health issues such as diabetes,hypertension, sleep apnoea and who are between 15-65 years old. Thisoperation is closed. 6 small laparoscopic holes are opened andhormone production segment of the stomach is removed. Generally,remaining stomach part has 150-200 cc volume. This part is shaped asa tube. After leakage control, operation is completed.
Gastric By-Pass: Certain part of thestomach is bypassed. This way, half of the intestines are used fordigestion and stomach volume is decreased. This method is limitingand enzyme decreasing method. It can be applied in 3 methodsincluding closed, open and robotic. However, since open operationsleave a large scar, this method is rarely preferred.
Silicon Gastric Band: This is alsoknown as stomach staple. This method is applied to patient with atleast 40 kg or more than their ideal weight. Main difference fromother operations is that there is no need to dissect and remove thestomach. Silicon band is placed around the stomach to leave 15-20 ccgap on top part of the stomach. A tunnel is created to prevent thisband to slip. Diet and exercise program must be followed after thisoperation.
Is sleeve gastrectomy risky?
Risk rate in international data shows0.2-0.4%. This risk rate is same as any other operation. As in othersurgical operations, risks could be decreased with doctor experience,team experience, equipment quality, correct equipment use duringsleeve gastrectomy operation. As in all other surgical operations,doctor selection is extremely important in bariatric surgery.
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