New Training: OSI Layers and Ports, Protocols

This entry-level training course, which consists of 10 videos, is taught by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker. It covers the knowledge network administrators need about the OSI model, layers, recognizing well-known ports, and understanding different protocols.
This training video is from the OSI Model.
Layers, ports, and protocols are the most important topics for a career in networking. This training will help you to be a success.
The course covers topics like understanding abstraction and OSI models, the seven OSI layers, and the interaction between ports with Layer 3 and 4.
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Start trainingOSI Layers and Ports & Protocols: What Ports are Used in TCP/IP
OSI Layers and Protocols: Core TCP/IP Protocols
OSI Layers, Protocols & Ports: Common Protocols and their Well-known Ports
OSI Layers and Protocols: Wireshark Verification for a TCP 3-Way handshake
OSI Layers, Protocols & Ports: Verifying L4 ports with Wireshark

This training includes:
1 hour of training
10 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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