New Training: Networking Fundamentals

This 71-video entry-level training by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker teaches network technicians the knowledge they need to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair computer and network networks. He also explains what network types exist and how they work.
This is the CompTIA Desktop Support training.
Networking is essentially just moving 0s or 1s from one machine into another. It can be as simple as moving 0s and 1s from one machine to another. However, it can also be the most complex, nuanced and technically challenging aspect information technology. This 18-part series covers topics like digital data storage and transfer basics and understanding how devices communicate with each other.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
TCP/IP Protocol Fundamentals
Layer 2 Ethernet addresses
Layer 3 IPv4 Address Fundamentals
IPv4 DHCP Fundamentals
Layer 2 Switching Fundamentals
TCP and UDP Fundamentals
Configure and verify IPv4
Network Firewall Fundamentals
IPv4 Routing Fundamentals
Remote Access Fundamentals

This training covers the following topics:
IPv4 Private Address Space
Bits and Bytes for IPv4 Addresses
Remote Management Protocols
IPv4 Address Classes
Network Cabling in a Building

This training includes:
Training for 7 hours
71 videos

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