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Laser Photo Facial
What is Laser Photo Facial?
The face is perhaps the most important part of a person’s identity, which is why, it is important that you take good care of it. There are several treatments in the world today, which are aimed at improving the quality of the skin and photo facial happens to be one of them.
The premise behind a photo facial is reasonably simple – a special kind of light is applied to the skin, and when it penetrates deep into the skin, it is able to treat brown spots, pigmentation, repair broken capillaries or even boost the amount of collagen in the skin. While a photo facial can do a lot to improve the condition of your skin, it is important that you combine it with a good daily facial care routine.
Before procedure :-
There is not much that you will be required to do before the procedure, apart from arriving well in time. Your face will be washed and cleaned thoroughly, before the procedure starts.
During procedure :-
There is literally no downtime for a laser photo facial, which means that you can go back to your normal routine within a day. Immediately after the session, you might feel a little burning on your face, but it will last less than 24 hours.
After the first two or three treatments, you will notice that your skin has a smoother and a more even tone. Over the next few days, the sunspots and pores will start to fade and even the wrinkles will start to disappear. If someone is suffering from acne, there will be a decrease in the redness too.
After procedure :-
There is actually no downtime with this procedure and you can return to your normal life within hours. You might need to invest in some special creams or moisturizers, which your doctor will suggest to you. There might be a little bruising, redness or skin sensitivity, immediately after the procedure, but the same will disappear in a matter of days.
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