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How To Stop Hair Loss In A Natural Way
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Hair loss is a very commonoccurrence in today’s worlds. So it is obvious that everyone wants to findeffective ways to stop hair loss. Treatment may range from medical or surgicalsolutions, to home remedies and simple tips on how to stop hair loss.
There are many differentcauses of scalp hair loss and also they differ in men and women. But ingeneral, hair loss is caused by family history, genetic factors and due toaging process. Other hair loss factors include stress, nutrition, hormonalchanges during pregnancy, menopause, puberty, several health conditions,certain medications, certain medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiationetc.
People who are suffering from hair loss should find out how to stop hair loss in a natural way. Some of the effective tips to prevent hair loss include:
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How to stop hair loss- Tip-1
How to stop hair loss- Tip-2
How to stop hair loss- Tip-3
How to stop hair loss- Tip-4Additional tips:

How to stop hair loss- Tip-1
*Drink plenty of water: One great way of preventing hairloss is to include plenty of water every day. It is advisable to drink at least8 cups of water every day to flush off all the toxins from the body. Thesetoxins could be the major reason for hair loss in many individuals. Also thewater that is chosen to drink should be distilled water or filtered water thatis free from chlorine and lead.
How to stop hair loss- Tip-2
*Caffeine: Recent studies have shown that caffeine slows down hair loss, even if it is applied topically on the affected areas. It has also found that caffeine was very effective in reducing the effects of DTH in the body. DTH (dihydrotestoserone) is secreted in the body which binds to the hair follicles and eventually shrink them causing hair loss. But if high doses of caffeine are consumed, it may increases hair loss because caffeine is a diuretic which eliminates the water content from the body making the body and hair roots to dehydrate. Dehydration is one important cause for hair loss in many individuals.
How to stop hair loss- Tip-3
*Vitamin and mineral supplements: People experiencingmajor hair fall may be deficient of the key nutrients in their body. A good andbalanced diet with all the necessary vitamins and mineral intake will solve theissue of hair fall in such cases. Also mineral and vitamin supplements can alsobe taken to prevent hair fall in a much faster rate. But it is always advisableto consult a doctor before taking any supplements for hair loss. The ideabehind this is to ensure that the body gets all the necessary nutrients for itsnormal functioning and thus preventing hair loss.
How to stop hair loss- Tip-4
*Sleep: Proper sleep every night is vital for the overallhealth of an individual as well as hair. It is essential that every individualshould get at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep every day. During sleep the bodywill recover and regenerate from the day’s work and remove all the toxins thatare inhaled, eaten and drank. A good night sleep will help individuals to get ahealthy body and also controls hair fall.
Additional tips:
Know what to apply on the hair: Always try to use goodhair care products that are natural. This is one great way to prevent hair loss.
*Clean hair: Always make sure the hair and scalp areneat and clean. Dirt clogs the hair follicles, making it difficult to grow.
*Condition hair everyday: After shampooing, it isnecessary to use conditioner to prevent the hair from tangling and trim off thesplit ends frequently.
-Avoid using very hot orcold water on the hair, as it will damage them.
-Avoid hair stylingproducts and chemical treatments on the hair to prevent hair loss.
These how to stop hairloss tips can be of great help in the prevention of hair loss in a natural way.Also, there are plenty of over the counter and prescription medications in themarket that claims to treat hair loss and regrow hair. If hair loss occurred isnot due to any medical reason, then following these simple tips and eating theright food that are rich in nutrition will definitely prevent hair loss.
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