How to share your company news

It’s a great way for businesses to showcase their achievements and get some publicity. Your good news can be as simple as a new employee joining your team or as significant as raising money for a charity. Share your news with your customers to keep them informed.
What can you do to let everyone else know?
Distribute a Press release
Press releases are great for sharing news around the globe and encouraging local newspapers (or national papers) to share it. Although you can release anything, you need to make sure it contains a hook and a single newsworthy story. This is important because you don’t want to waste time spinning out stories that don’t exist. A press release should always be clearly marketed.
It is about getting to know your audience and making sure that you convey all information clearly and concisely. Following the who-what-where-when-how-why pattern is usually a good start, but you should feel free to mix these questions up to ensure the smooth flow of your article.
You want to ensure that your press release reaches as many people possible when you distribute it. This will increase the chances of your story being covered. The more coverage you get, the more likely it is that your story will be covered by other major papers. You need to find the right press distributor. Here is a list of the top press release distributors for 2019.
Write a blog post
Sometimes, good news isn’t worthy of a press release. However, you should share it with your customers or followers. Your blog is the place to shine. Your blog is the ideal place to share news like employee of the Week awards, any minor celebrations like birthdays, team building activities, fun afternoons, or formal formats such a Q andA with the boss. There are many options!
Blog posts are much more relaxed and allow you to experiment with different media. Your articles will be more enjoyable to read if you include pictures, picture galleries, video interviews, and even GIFs. This will allow you to show a more personal side of your brand. Your blog will be more popular if you are more creative. People love to see what others are doing, so let your blog be the voice of your office.
Make the most of your social media channels
What about those stories that aren’t quite long enough to warrant a blog post? This is where social media shines. Although you might not be able write a blog about the delicious breakfast that the management provided, you can share a photo of everyone enjoying it. This type of behind-the scenes content humanizes your company. It can also help build trust with your audience. They feel they can get to to know you and your team and not just the same edited and planned content.
Social media is great for sharing press releases or blogs. Like sharing any other type of news, sharing the link encourages clicks. You never know who might be looking. Smart use of tags can help you bring more people to your content. You could even tease a story to build drama and get your money’s worth.
Although you won’t want your customers to know every detail of your day, they should be able to see the human side of the product or service. People are drawn to other people, which is why there are so many shady celeb magazines! It’s a great way for your audience to connect with you by introducing your team via social media posts, blogs, and press releases.
Once you are comfortable sharing company news, writing press releases is easy.