How to hire the best project manager

You have a lot of responsibility when you are faced with the task to hire a project manager. The project manager is responsible for understanding the requirements of the organization, managing the team members, and ensuring the project is completed on-time and within budget. If the task is simple, it can be easy. However, it can be difficult when you are dealing with complex projects. We’ll show you how to hire the best project manager.
Define the job. It is crucial that you understand the requirements of the project manager. If you are unable to determine the exact scope of work, create a list of general skills that the candidate should possess. Sometimes, this list may not be sufficient. Once you have narrowed your search, it is important that you choose a candidate with technical skills or who can understand the technology well enough so that they can manage the team.
It is important to emphasize PM skills. Finding a good project manager can be difficult. Executives and human resource professionals are trained to identify candidates with strong management skills. This is often more important than technical skills. Many project managers have successfully moved from managing construction projects to managing technology projects.
You should choose someone with certification. While you shouldn’t limit your search to PMI PMP certified candidates, it is a solid indicator of their skillset and training. The ratio of certified managers to open positions is very low, so they command very high rates. It is not realistic to hire someone with PMP certification if your company has a limited budget. Instead, consider the work history and ethics of the candidate.
The best indicator of a project manager’s ability to manage projects well is his work history and experience. Did the project go as planned? Did the project involve managing a large team of people from different backgrounds? Ask for as many details as possible about the scope of the project. Ask about his methods for project management, the documentation he used, and any conflicts he resolved in a previous project.
Work ethics are important. It is not enough to evaluate the project management skills of a candidate. Are they organized? You need to find someone who is meticulous. Many projects fail because managers overlook seemingly small details that can turn out to be crucial. Pay attention to details.
Assess your communication skills. The project manager will be the link between the management team and the members of the team. He should have excellent communication skills. It is not a good idea to talk about the past. Everyone involved must understand the requirements. The project manager is responsible for resolving conflicts between team members.
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