How I stopped wasting 80 hours a week

Written by David Robertson, Premium IT Solutions
I used to spend 60-80 hours per week just keeping everyone informed. The key word is “used to”. Premium IT Solutions, my company, has managed projects for over ten years. We managed projects for large financial institutions. We also collaborated with people from all over the world, including India, China and New Zealand. We saw a temporary increase in productivity each time, but we were back to our original position after a few months. Another major thing happened over the past 5 years: we started to manage more digital projects. Many of these projects were small- to medium-sized businesses. This meant that we had to modify not only the software, but also the way we managed projects. We needed to be able to communicate across time zones, keep everyone up to date, track budgets and track timelines, and control quality of work. As our company grew, so did our software. However, as the projects grew in complexity and size, we realized that we needed a better way to manage all the resources. Our clients also needed a tool to manage their work, track progress and communicate directly with the entire project team. We began to look for software that would meet our needs. ActiveCollab was the right solution for us. It is cost-effective and works well for both our clients and ourselves. We could also track time and billable time. It was exciting because we could centralize so many work in one tool. Our team now uses ActiveCollab every single day to keep track on project status and progress. All the information they need is only one click away for our clients. My life is much easier now that I don’t have to spend 80 hours per week data crunching. Our leaner workflow means that we can now provide real value to our clients.