How I Boosted the Productivity of My Team

Written by Grant Phillips CEO of Growth Labs Marketing
Growth Labs Marketing has been my business for 6 years. I have tried almost every project management software, including the big ones like Asana and Jira, Basecamp and Liquid Planner. None of them had the right features for small businesses like ours. We switched to ActiveCollab because they didn’t work for us.
We needed a simple and user-friendly project management system that would offer a complete set of features. Software that could be used with multiple people was what we needed. ActiveCollab was easy to use when we first started using it. This was my initial concern. It turned out to be its strength. It helps us keep track of all our tasks, it automatically stores all data, and it can put time on specific projects to generate invoices.
ActiveCollab is a great platform with many amazing features. My Work page is a dashboard that displays all tasks and updates in one place. It’s great to have a page like this because there are so many things you need to remember and so many tasks you need to complete. It’s amazing because it allows me focus on my work. ActiveCollab also gives me the opportunity to add clients and communicate with them. Clients can interact directly with the team, track the progress of the project, and give feedback. Clients have limited access so they cannot see all the details, but they can see enough to provide feedback. Another thing that caught my attention and made our lives easier was the Activity page. We used to meet daily for stand-ups, where we discussed the progress of each project, as well as any changes, and made the necessary adjustments. We wanted to reduce the amount of duplicate communication and long meetings. ActiveCollab allows me to easily see what happened the previous day and gives me a clear view of what is happening within the company. ActiveCollab is a time-saving feature that helps me every day. It allows me to be updated about all projects in a matter of minutes, rather than spending hours looking through each one individually. This made everything run more smoothly. It is simple and powerful and allows you to collaborate with clients and improve your workflow. It exceeded our expectations and alleviated the headaches that other tools caused.