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Gynecomastia is a cosmeticproblem in men. This issue does not have any health related problems. However,men often feel unconfident about their look. And this leads to manypsychological problems. In many cases, psychologic problems are as bad asphysiological problems. As medicine and medical technologies have advanced, gynecomastiasurgery offers a solution to this problem.
In this article, wewill look into definition of gynecomastia, types of gynecomastia, who needsthis surgery, surgery itself and recovery process after this surgery. At theend of this article, you will know what this cosmetic problem is and how youcan solve it.
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WhatIs Gynecomastia?
Typesof Gynecomastia
WhoAre Good Gynecomastia Surgery Candidates?
Typesof Gynecomastia SurgeryLiposuction
Liposuctionand Excision

Risksof Gynecomastia Surgery
Recovery ProcessAfter Surgery
Is GynecomastiaSurgery Permanent?
WhatIs Gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia is enlargement of breast tissue in men. This breast tissue starts to look like women’s breasts. Over time, men feel uncomfortable about how they look. They don’t want to take their shirt off or swim in the sea or pool comfortably. Enlarged breasts will lead to unattractive look.
Breast enlargementin men is caused by different factors. Generally, fat accumulation is linkedwith genetics. If you have a family member with gynecomastia, you might alsoexperience the same problem. Additionally, fat accumulation in breast might becaused by excessive weight gain. Even though you lose this weight, your breastsmight still look fatty. Also, sports might not be able to fix that look.
Generally,gynecomastia is caused because of hormonal imbalance. Oestrogen hormone, whichis the hormone responsible from breast growth, might increase in men. In fact,men also have this hormone as women have testosterone. But if oestrogen levelsincrease in men, breasts will start to grow. And this will cause gynecomastiawhich is also known as men boobs.
To solve thiscosmetic problem, gynecomastia surgery can be conducted. Surgery type willdepend on type of gynecomastia. It is important to choose the correct surgerymethod to achieve best gynecomastia operation results.
Typesof Gynecomastia
There are four gynecomastiatypes. This problem is classified into four based on the severity of breastgrowth. Grade 1 indicate small breast enlargement. In this grade, there is noexcess skin. In Grade 2, more fat is accumulated but there is still no excessskin. Grade 3 indicates moderate fat accumulation with excess skin. Grade 4 isthe most severe case with high fat accumulation and excess fat.
When you visit yourdoctor, s/he will determine your gynecomastia grade. This grade isimportant as doctor will decide what type of gynecomastia surgery youneed. Depending on your grade, you might need more aggressive treatment.
WhoAre Good Gynecomastia Surgery Candidates?
First thing youneed to be gynecomastia candidate is dissatisfaction with your looks. If yourenlarged breasts are causing you trouble, it might be time to see a specialist.Afterwards, your doctor needs to examine you. During this examination, you needto take your shirt off. This way, doctor will determine grade of this cosmeticproblem.
After yourexamination, you need to take some blood tests. These tests will determine ifyou can go under a surgery. Since this is a surgery, you will take generalanaesthesia. For this reasons, you need complete blood tests to see if you canhave general anaesthesia. Also, you need to have normal body mass index (BMI)to have this surgery. Excess weight might cause breast development after theoperation. To eliminate this problem, you might want to have your operationafter losing some weight. If you show no problem after blood tests, you canbook your gynecomastia surgery.
Typesof Gynecomastia Surgery
Actually, there istwo types of gynecomastia surgery. In severe cases like Grade 4, doctormight combine these two methods. Gynecomastia operation will be determinedafter detailed examination.
Liposuction is the most common method applied to solve gynecomastia problem. Before this operation, general anaesthesia is administrated. Afterwards, fat tissues in breast are collected with liposuction method.
In this method,small holes are opened on both breasts. Then, special cannula is places insidebreast. This cannula is moved forward and backwards repeatedly. During thismovement, fat tissues are broken down. These fat tissues are collected withvacuum.
After collectingnecessary amount of fat tissues, small holes are sutures. There is almost nomark or scarring after the surgery.
Excision techniqueis often applied for Grade 3 and Grade 4 types. In this technique, glandularbreast tissue is removed. Also, if there is excess skin, excision can removethat skins as well. As in liposuction, general anaesthesia is applied. Then,breast tissue is cut and removed. During excision, nipple might be repositionedas well. This step will be necessary if too much skin or fat tissue is removed.Afterwards, patients is sutured and operation is completed.
Liposuctionand Excision
In some severecases like Grade 4, both liposuction and excision might be necessary.Combination of both methods will enable doctor to remove excess fat and excessskin. When two techniques are combined, fat tissues are first collected byliposuction. Later, excess skin is removed with excision and nipple isrepositioned.
Risksof Gynecomastia Surgery
In general, gynecomastiasurgery is considered as one of the safe surgeries. However, there arerisks associated with general anaesthesia. Before the operation, it isimportant to make all necessary blood tests to reduce risks associated withgeneral anaesthesia.
There are bloodcloth and bleeding risks. However, these are rare complications. Also, in somecases, nipple sensation might be decreases. Generally, nipple will get thesensation back in few months. There is also infection risk as in all otheroperations.
You will beinformed about all risks associated with gynecomastia operation. You canalso ask all you questions before the surgery. This way, you can have youroperation at ease.
Recovery ProcessAfter Surgery
After the surgery,you will spend the first night at the hospital. After you drainage is removed,you are free to go home. Gynecomastia surgery recovery is relativelyeasy and painless. You need to take all prescribed medication. Your doctor willprescribe antibiotics and pain killers. Antibiotics will prevent risk ofinfection. On the other hand, you will need pain killers for the first coupleof days.
Generally, you cango back to your normal life after couple of days. But you need to take care ofyour breasts for a while. You need to avoid any damage or impact. Impact mightcause pain. Also, you might need to avoid heavy sports for couple of weeks.After fully recovering, you can go back to sports. You can have the flat chestyou want after your gynecomastia surgery and spending some time at thegym.
Is GynecomastiaSurgery Permanent?
In most cases, gynecomastiaresults are permanent. But you might need to make some lifestyle changes.For example, you need to keep your weight under control. This way, you canprevent fat accumulation on your breasts.
Also, if yourgynecomastia was caused by certain medication, you might want to stop usingthose medications if possible. Some steroids might also lead to breastenlargement. After your gynecomastia surgery, your results will bepermanent if you consider all these factors. Doing sports and adopting ahealthy lifestyle will also contribute to your operation results. This cosmeticsurgery will change your life in a positive direction.
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