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FUT Hair Transplant
FUT Hair Transplant Technique (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant)
This strategy, which is likewise named as strip harvesting, filled in as the real hair transplant technique preceding the quick advancements fulfilled in the Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE Method
FUT strategy varies from the FUE technique during the time spent hair expulsion from the benefactor site (2). Whatever remains of the stages (1, 3,4) are the same as the FUE strategy. At the end of the day, the fundamental distinction between the two techniques is the way the hair unions are evacuated
Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation – FUT (Strip) :-
1) Removal of the Flap of Predetermined Length and Width from the Donor Site
A piece of scalp is expelled from the contributor site in the middle of the ears. The significant purpose of the procedure is the exact assurance of the fold measure, which ought not to surpass 1 cm in the ear zone and 1, 5 cm at the back scalp in width and will have the length to compare to the quantity of unions arranged. The fold whose size is resolved by the quantity of unions required is then evacuated as a piece of scalp from the giver site.
2) Suturing the Donor Site after the Flap Removal in Strip Method
After removal of the flap, the open injury in the giver site is sutured back. The profundity of the scar that may stay in the wake of suturing is affected by the flexibility and non-abrasiveness of the skin under the hair, and the sort of sewing material and the suturing method. We have favored 4/0 nonabsorbable prolene surgical suture and 4/0 absorbable polyglycolic corrosive based pegalak surgical suture to join for the transplantation we have performed until up until this point.
The scar that may when mending is finished after FUT transplantation
We have executed the “Tricophytic Closure” strategy proclaimed in the ISHRS Congress after 2006 synchronously with the world and have recognized that the suturing scars, which stay after the treatment, are limited when Tricophytic Closure is utilized.
3) Dissecting the Flap Removed into Follicular Units (Grafts)
We consider this phase as a standout amongst the most vital strides in the FUT strategy. For how vast the fold you evacuate might be or what number of micro channels you create, adequate hair will develop on the beneficiary site just when the quantity of follicles got distinctive are boosted in number.
One of the pivotal standards to acquire strong follicular units is playing out the analyzation of the unions into the follicular units under the stereo magnifying instruments.
Dr. Hair routinely performs Mega/Giga sessions of hair transplant, join analyzation done under German Microscopes by our prepared group of experts. To diminish the harm rate of unions we utilize 20X amplification. The follicles dismembered are instantly safeguarded inside unique cooling arrangements and are made prepared for implantation.
4) Micro channel Development in the Recipient Site:
Making openings at beneficiary zone is the most essential and masterful part to perform which ought to be finished by an accomplished Surgeon/Doctor, who has great imaginative aptitude in his grasp with tasteful feeling of hairline configuration as per the patients age and facial profile. Dr. Hair himself play out the tasteful piece of the method i.e. making an openings. He generally guarantee the edge/bearing of the hair with impeccable hairline plan in unpredictably sporadic way, so patient will get best and common looking tasteful result.
5) Implantation of the Grafts:
Implantation of unions is the last stride of hair transplantation or rebuilding, in which Doctor/Surgeon embed the isolated hair unites into the openings, the essential part is to decrease the harm rate while implantation which should be possible by holding the join accurately. Experienced specialist dependably holds the join by the pole not by the root or hair globule.
About Doctor Jai Bansal
Dr. Jai Bansal has introduced the hair transplant clinic in Jaipur India, which is named as Dr. HAIR a cosmetic, laser and Hair Transplant in Jaipur. Dr. hair provides the services regarding the hair problems such as hair fall, hair transplant, hair restoration and cosmetic surgery. Now you don’t have to fear about losing your hair because Now Dr. Hair has opened many branches in India.
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