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Female hair loss and/or hair thinning canbe devastating to a woman and cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. And,although hair loss is much more common in men, the psychological damage is muchmore severe in women. Many women feel that their hair plays a major role intheir overall beauty.
In addition, the way in which womenexperience hair loss, or female pattern baldness, is many times different frommen. Women hair loss may begin with some hair thinning along the hairline,temples and crown or may be thinning over the entire head. However, there ishope.
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Female Hair Transplant| Female Hair Restoration Female Hair Loss | Women Hair Loss | Alopecia
Hair Loss Treatment
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Female Hair Transplant| Female Hair Restoration
At one time, one of the only options forwomen who suffered from hair loss was wearing a wig. However, thankfully,things have changed. There are now female hair loss treatments, known as femalehair transplant or female hair restoration.
Although hair transplants aren’t for allwomen who experience hair loss, they are most often recommended for female hairloss caused by, what is known as, alopecia or female pattern baldness.
Prior to considering female hairtransplant surgery, you must find the cause of your hair loss. Although thereare many causes for hair loss, the most common cause for permanent hair loss ishereditary. However, prior to considering a hair transplant, you must ensurethat your female hair loss isn’t a temporary condition.
You will need to see a hair restorationspecialist to see if you are a candidate for a female hair transplant.Unfortunately, if you suffer from hair loss over the entire scalp, and not in aparticular pattern, you will most likely not be a candidate for this procedure.
Female Hair Loss | Women Hair Loss | Alopecia
Female hair loss, also referred to aswomen hair loss, can have many different causes and can be temporary orpermanent.
It can be caused by a genetic disorder,known as androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness, a hormonal imbalance,thyroid conditions, pregnancy, menopause, illness, medications and stress.
Although men and women both experiencehair loss or alopecia, men usually lose hair in a certain area, such as theirhairline begins to recede. However, women usually suffer from thinning hair allover.
Hair Loss Treatment
Female hair transplant surgery should beconsidered as a last resort. Make sure you see your doctor to discuss your hairloss treatment options prior to looking into hair transplant options, as thismay not even be necessary or possible. However, don’t lose heart, as even ifyou’re not a candidate for this procedure, there are other hair loss treatmentoptions, such as hormone therapy, scalp expansion and other procedures that canhelp you. Talk with your doctor to see what is right for you.
Hair RestorationSurgery
In order to be considered for a femalehair transplant, the first consideration is the type of female hair loss inwhich you are suffering. Hair loss treatment, such as a hair transplant, isusually recommended for hair loss caused by alopecia or female patternbaldness.
In addition, you must have enough goodquality hair that can be transplanted, as if the potential donor hair is thin,the newly transplanted hair that grows will also be thin.
What’s more, the elasticity of the skin isalso an important consideration in hair restoration surgery.
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