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Female Baldness

Female Baldness Treatment

As usual thought baldness is just mistaken as for males but significant percentage of women is also among hair loss sufferers. Approximately 40% of women are suffering from hair loss by the time they are age 40. This can also be devastating for emotional well-being and self image.
According to the recent survey, it has been notified that women hair loss or baldness can be serious life altering which can no longer be ignored. What causes female pattern baldness? As we have mentioned in the normal hair cycle, each hair grows for 2 to 6 years, then rests, and then falls out.
A new hairline soon begins growing in its place and baldness occurs when new hairline does not grow as required. The main reason of female baldness is not well known yet but some causes can be: Aging Changes in the levels of hormones due to reaching menopause, pregnancy Previous Baldness history in family Certain skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, major illness, surgery Deficiency of vitamin B (biotin)
or other vitamin, Iron. Hair shaft abnormalities that are present since birth. Excessive usage of hair straightening products and chemicals or, use of some cosmetic products of hair that are treated with high chemicals.
Conditions like Patchy hair loss (alopecia areata) Medication in case of Cancer such as chemotherapy and beta blockers.