Event of the Year: New IBM Certification Website!

A website redesign is a change in the design of a web resource. A website can lose its relevance due to the constant changes in trends and tastes of users. Companies should update their site regularly.
A minimalistic and simple approach to design is today’s best option for visitors’ success. This was the approach that the IBM Certification Team used. It presented all the same information, but in a simpler way. Let’s find out what happened. Here are some highlights.
Simplified Indexes
This new Certification Website makes it easier to find all the necessary certifications and exams faster. Each section has a single Index that allows you to search for whatever you need. This Index allows you to search by PW Code or IBM Product, Unit Language, Series, and Description.
Mobile Software
The new mobile website makes it easy to obtain an IBM Certification, no matter where you may be. You can review the objectives before you take the exam. To answer any questions you may have, visit the Knowledge Center.
Knowledge Center
The new Knowledge Center is available 24 hours a day to answer any question. This Knowledge Center contains information about Exam Registration, IBM Certification Badging, and many other topics.
News and Announcements
The News and Announcements page will keep you informed about upcoming conferences, new certifications and retiring exams. You can also receive withdrawal notifications and other information. This page will provide a summary of all the most recent announcements, allowing you stay informed about all things IBM Certification. You can also follow @IBMTraining via Twitter and Facebook.
To find out if the redesign was successful/efficient, visit the new IBM Certification website. You can check it out now!