Digital Training offers a more hands on approach to learning

1997 was the year I received my first Computer-Based Training (CBT). This was my first experience in technology-delivered training. It was both a novelty and not very educational. It was very interesting for me as an IT guru because I could learn it without ever needing to go to class. As students move from traditional classrooms to digital learning, convenience is still a desirable course feature. My 1997 CBT training has allowed me to learn more. Global Knowledge’s online offerings support students who value convenience, and want easy access the most cutting-edge training.

More than video
Everyone seems to have a digital learning platform. How do you choose the right one for you? This evaluation begins with the distinction between education and information. You might be asking yourself, “What does that mean?” I could either read white papers or look at videos from different sources on YouTube. Or, I could ask a friend in IT for their opinions. All of these sources would be available to me. These interactions would make me more informed but not necessarily better able to use Windows Server 2016. This is a lot digital learning today. Despite the animated drawings and streaming video, the user still leaves with a better understanding of the technology but not the ability for critical tasks. To be able use today’s complex technologies, education is not enough. What is the difference?
Gain hands-on experience
My twenty-plus years of technology and business skills learning have led me to define education to be the ability to transfer knowledge to demonstrateable skills acquisition. On-demand learning is a unique approach to digital education. Video with product demonstrations alone is not enough to teach someone the skills they need. The learner must have direct access to the technology in order to gain practical experience. “Hands-on access,” is more than a marketing term. This is where the learner can put the knowledge they have acquired into practice. This is an important step in the learning process, especially if you are looking for long-term skills that will translate into job success and skills acquisition.
Making sure your learning investment pays off
Global Knowledge provides a complete learning experience. It combines digital learning with the flexibility of learning at your own pace and expert support. We help learners to cement their education through hands-on, problem-based activities and labs. These activities help learners move from learning the basics to being able to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.
This holistic approach allows us move beyond the overwhelming amount of information in the digital learning marketplace. We also guarantee that individuals and companies will get the job-ready skills they need to use today’s technology and business processes.
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