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Men who wants to have young and fitlook have cosmetic operations to achieve the look they want in shorttime. Cosmetic operations for men are listed as gynecomastia, nosejob, hair-beard-moustache transplant, face lift, body shaping andliposuction.
Cosmetic operations are aesthetic surgical operations to improve the looks and provide the ideal look to patients. Today, number of men that choose cosmetic operations is high. Cosmetic surgery for men will improve the looks, have positive psychological impact, increase self-confidence and self-perception.
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Cosmetic OperationsGynecomastia for men
Nose job for men:
Hair, beard and moustache transplantfor men
Face lift for men:
Body contouring for men:
Liposuction for men

Cosmetic Operations
Gynecomastia for men
Gynecomastia is actually health problemcaused by excessive breast growth in men. Both operation and diseasefor men boobs has the same name. Gynecomastia can occur in one breastor both breasts. Treatment of gynecomastia depends on the type asthis problem can have 3 forms like hormonal, fat based andfat-hormonal.
Glandular (hormonal) gynecomastia: This type developed because of hormonal imbalance. This is due to excessive oestrogen hormone segregation in male body. In this type of gynecomastia, breast tissue increases and liposuction and excision operations are applied together for reduction.
Fat-based gynecomastia: When men gainweight, fat cells mainly accumulate around breast area. This is themost common gynecomastia in men. Liposuction will be effective toremove fat based gynecomastia.
Fat-glandular gynecomastia: This gynecomastia is rare. It is caused by both fat and hormones. Liposuction and excision are applied together.
Nose job for men:
This is the most demanded and applied aesthetic operation in cosmetic operation for men. Rhinoplasty can change nostrils, remove excessive bone or cartilage and all function and visual deformation can be eliminated. Although nose job in men is functionally similar to women, there are differences in visual sense. During rhinoplasty in men, upper lip and nose should have 90 degree angle, width between nose tip and nasal hump and nose tip should be larger.
Hair, beard and moustache transplantfor men
Hair thinning and hair loss, moustache and beard thinning in men are among the most important cosmetic problems. These problems can lead to low self-confidence. However, it is possible to permanently solve this problem with hair, beard and moustache transplant. In hair, beard and moustache transplant, FUE, Percutaneous and DHI methods are applied. While an average hair transplant lasts for 6-8 hours, beard and moustache transplant can be completed in 2-4 hours.
It is possible to achieve end-results 12 months after hair transplant operation and patients will have voluminous and natural hair. Beard and moustache transplant results can take up to 8-10 months. If you want to learn more about hair, beard and moustache transplant that is the most preferred cosmetic operation by men and learn about the prices, you can contact us.
Face lift for men:
Face lift is one of the successful aesthetic surgical operations to eliminate wrinkles, sagging in face area, general improvement for face and chin and to give younger and more dynamic expression to face. Face lift is applied to eliminate signs of aging for men between 40-45 years old and this operation provides successful results. Face lift operation in men can be combined with eye lid aesthetic or double chin operation to help patient to have younger look.
Body contouring for men:
Abs is known as aesthetic for men. Absthat are known as six packs can be defined with surgical operations.This is a highly demanded cosmetic operation. Muscle group thatstarts under the breasts and continues until belly button is calledsix pack. All men have this muscle group but it might not be visiblefor various reasons. Men spend lots of time on sport and eating tomake their six pack more visible but it is possible to make thesemuscles visible with surgical operation. In this operation, excessfat is removed with liposuction and stomach area has more muscularlook. This operation does not leave any mark and muscular look willappear after 10 days (when operation related oedema and bruisesheal).
Liposuction for men
Liposuction is one of the leading cosmetic operations for men. It is believed that this operation is commonly preferred my women; actually, men need liposuction as much as women. Most men experience fat accumulation around stomach region. Waist, neck and stomach regions in men are commonly preferred for liposuction. With liposuction, fat is removed from these regions for fitter look. 3-4 kg of fat can be removed with single liposuction.
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