Cloud Computing Certification: What You Need to Know

Cloud Computing is a vital part of the IT industry. It has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years.
According to Statista, the global public cloud computing market is worth approximately 141 billion U.S. Dollars. The public cloud computing market covers software, platforms, infrastructure, and business processes that are provided as a service.
Forbes also predicts that 83% of Enterprise Workloads by 2021 will be in the Cloud. This increased cloud adoption can be attributed to the digital transformation of enterprises and the pursuit for IT flexibility.

Cloud computing is not only important for its numerical data. There are many other factors that contribute to cloud computing’s growing importance. Let’s briefly look at some of them.
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Receive services from anywhere and anytime in the world
Greater speed and agility
You can work from anywhere
Lower costs
Immune to disaster
Organizations gain a competitive edge
Environment friendly
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Now you are familiar with some facts about cloud computing. This gives you an idea of why cloud computing certifications have become so important for both professionals and organizations. Here are some of the benefits professionals get from obtaining a cloud computing certification.
Cloud computing professionals are in high demand. Organizations are seeking cloud computing professionals who can create cloud computing environments within their infrastructure. This indicates that there is a greater demand than supply for these professionals. A certification in cloud computing opens up many new opportunities for anyone who isn’t already certified.
Increases earning potential – According to PayScale, the average annual salary ranges from $96,705 as a Software Engineer to $139,000.17 as an Enterprise Architect. These data demonstrate the high-paying potential of cloud computing jobs.
Secure jobs – Because the demand for cloud computing professionals is greater than the supply, individuals often get jobs that aren’t affected by volatile market conditions. Cloud computing professionals are generally unaffected by recessions or downturns.
Demonstrates the expertise – According to Microsoft and IDC, certification, training and experience is what employers look for when shortlisting candidates. A cloud computing credential is a proof of your ability to reduce costs and risks in an organization. These skills will make your organization a reliable resource and help you win major cloud-related projects.
Enhanced job opportunities – A credential can help you to get through interviews and sharpen your skills. A cloud computing certification opens up a world of possibilities and possibilities.