Cerise-chocolat is a great option.

This weekend I did something I’ve never done before. I dyed my hair. It was a near-30-degree crisis that led to my sister’s perfect highlights. We set out to work Saturday afternoon with a small assortment of powders, liquids and tubes.
I am very risk-averse. This makes me a great project manager. I like to be in control and explore all possibilities. I like to know what could go wrong so that I can prevent it. I am good at managing risk.
As you can see, all the preparations were made by me. To avoid splashes, we took out my dressing gown as well as the cream towels from the bathroom. Both of us wore clothes taken from the bag containing Emmaus-France stuff. I read the instructions twice and set the kitchen timer so that my head wouldn’t burn in a horrible dying accident.
Despite all my precautions, it wasn’t what I expected. It felt like my head was swollen when I washed it off. Then, I watched it race down the plughole. Despite being assured by the friendly tone of the instruction leaflet that I would soon achieve a great chocolate colour with cherry undertones, and a beautiful blonde, it was not what I expected. On Sunday, my hair looked exactly the same as the blueberry mousse that I had.
There was a possibility that I might not look like the girl in my box. I chose to reduce the risk by following the instructions in my letter. We know the outcome but I don’t look like the girl in that box. It’s an issue. What are my options for dealing with the problem?
Issue management can usually be achieved by proposing changes in the scope, budget, and schedule to allow you include the work required to make it right. You always have the option to do nothing in terms of risk management and issue management. There are always other options available before you decide to do nothing. It is a decision to take no action. This should be taken as such.
Standing in the lift, my head looked like it was on fire. Today, however, I am not as upset as Saturday evening. It was shocking, but I’ve now considered my options and decided it is something I can live with. It’s permanent dye. I have no other options.