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Larger breasts that is one of the beauty factors of women could bring health problems. Breast reduction operations in Turkey are demanded for cosmetic reasons as well as back, waist and neck pain, skin conditions that could lead to injection and respiratory problems.
Breast reduction operations can also be applied to men who experience “gynecomastia” as well as women. Individuals need to complete physical development for breast reduction. Therefore, lower age limit for breast reduction is 18 years old. Anyone without health problems that prevent surgical operations or anaesthesia can have breast reduction aesthetic for cosmetic or health reasons.
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Why is breast reduction neededHow is breast reduction in women applied?
How is breast reduction in men applied?
Does breast reduction preventbreastfeeding?
Breast Reduction FAQ

Why is breast reduction needed

Enlarged breasts due to pregnancy, weight gain and age.
Hump due to breast weight; back, waist or neck pain,
Problem to complete daily routine due to large breasts
Irritation, rash or other skin problems or skin problem related infection under the breast
Asymmetry problem between two breasts
Nipple sagging
Collapse in shoulders
Problems to find suitable underwear among reasons for breast reduction.
How is breast reduction in women applied?
Before the operation, desire and needof the patient is identified and operation is planned afterdetermining breast cup. On the day of the operation, generalanaesthesia is applied and excess breast fat tissue, breast skin andgland tissue is removed. Nipples are repositioned for aesthetic lookand operation region is sutured. Breast reduction operationsapproximately last for 3-4 hours.
1 day hospitalisation is recommendedafter breast reduction operations. Breast tissue and sutures areobserved by checked with once a week physical examination. Suturesare removed 2 week after the surgery. If absorbable organic suturesare used, sutures will fall on their own. There will not be pain ordiscomfort during the operation. However, post-operative pain anddiscomfort can be experiences. Prescribed pain killers are sufficientto eliminate post-operative pain and discomfort. Special bra must beused for 1 months after the surgery.
How is breast reduction in men applied?
Excessive breast development in men can be eliminated with different methods depending on the reason for this condition. Excessive alcohol consumption, hormonal problems, steroid treatment, certain chronical diseases and tumours, bad eating habits or some infection can cause excessive breast development in men. Gynecomastia can occur in one or both breasts. Breast development in men can occur in 3 different forms as hormonal gynecomastia, fat based v and fat based hormonal gynecomastia. Hormonal gynecomastia is caused by hormone imbalance and excess oestrogen hormone segregation. This type of gynecomastia will develop in breast tissue. In hormonal gynecomastia treatment, liposuction and excision are applied together. Fat based gynecomastia is the gynecomastia type that causes breasts to look larger due to fat accumulation in breast tissue after gaining weight. Liposuction is the most effective method for treatment. Fat based and hormonal gynecomastia is the rarest form of gynecomastia. This type causes breasts to look bigger due to fat based and hormonal reasons. Liposuction and excision are applied together.
Does breast reduction preventbreastfeeding?
Some breast reduction techniques may lead 20% decrease in breast milk amount. Therefore, when breast reduction method is selected for women, it is important to consider whether women is planning to have a child. If the connection between milk glands and nipple are preserved during breast reduction, there will not be any problem with breastfeeding. But it may not be possible to reduce the breast and keep this connection for cases with extremely large breasts. Therefore, it is important to inform the doctor if the patient is planning to have a child.
Breast Reduction FAQ
Does operation leave any mark? After the operation, cut mark is visible. However, this mark will fade over time. There is no visible mark after the operation.
Does breast reduction cause nipple numbness? After the operation, nerves in nipple are not damaged. Therefore, there will not be nipple numbness if the patient is operated by an expert doctor.
Is breast lifting possible during breast reduction? It is possible to simultaneously apply breast lifting and breast reduction.
Do breasts grow after the operation? If patients gain weight after the operation, breast growth is possible. However, there will not be breast growth if the patient preserves his/her current weight.
When can breast reduction operations be applied after childbirth? After childbirth, hormone levels must go back to normal levels for breast reduction. Breast reduction operation is possible 3-6 months after breastfeeding.
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