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Hair Transplant
Hair transplantation is performed as a day care surgery under local anesthesia. You will be discharged on the same day after the procedure is completed.
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Looking for the remedy of your Hair Loss Problem. Our clinic is one stop solution for all your hair loss related worries. At our clinic, our approach is to be your friend and help you transform your personality through our advanced transplantation, at reasonable cost. Our objective is to win trust and provide a best possible services and care. In general, hair transplantation is not handled as the medical specialty that is, one that serves patients, but rather as a business that serves consumers. At Dr.Hair center, under the able leadership and guidance of Dr. Jai Bansal, our approach is to empathy and care that fully endorses surgical hair restoration for those candidates who can benefit from the procedure. Dr. Hair Cosmetic, Laser, and Hair transplant center boast of a range of satisfied patients who bear the testimony of our reliable service.
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Read More I cannot thank you enough for making me so happy! Thank you for giving me a second chance at looking the way I had hoped to! You truly are an angel, and a wonderful person as well as a wonderful doctor!
Aaditya Mangal

I had an amazing experience at the Dr. Hair, hair transplant centre. Everything Dr. Hair committed and promised me for my hair restoration procedure was accurate and my expectations were set appropriately.
Lalit Jain

Finally, we have a great hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur. Dr. Jai Bansal is not only a top hair transplant surgeon, but a doctor that relates well to his patients. The office atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.
Dr. Anil Gupta

About Doctor Jai Bansal
Dr. Jai Bansal has introduced the hair transplant clinic in Jaipur India, which is named as Dr. HAIR a cosmetic, laser and Hair Transplant in Jaipur. Dr. hair provides the services regarding the hair problems such as hair fall, hair transplant, hair restoration and cosmetic surgery. Now you don’t have to fear about losing your hair because Now Dr. Hair has opened many branches in India.
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