AWS Security Hub New: Alerts and Compliance Info

Users now have a single place to monitor and manage security alerts, compliance information, and other information from a variety of services on Amazon Web Services Inc.’s (AWS) cloud.
Last week, the cloud giant announced a preview for its new AWS Security hub. This hub is designed to provide a central place to manage security alerts as well as automate compliance checks.
AWS appears to have increased its security measures in the wake of a series of security breaches that affected customers who did not correctly configure their Amazon S3 storage containers. AWS recently added controls to block public access, as one example.
The new preview offering makes it easier to monitor alerts generated by AWS Partner solutions or other AWS services, such as Amazon GuardDuty (threat detection), Amazon Inspector (automated safety assessment service), and Amazon Macie (a security system that uses machine learning to automatically detect, classify, protect and protect sensitive data in AWS).
[Click on the image to see a larger view.] How AWS Security Hub works (source: AWS). The service uses a standard format to collect data and automatically correlates findings from various providers to prioritize the most critical items.
The company stated in a blog post that integrated dashboards combine security information from multiple accounts to show you the current security status and compliance status. You can now easily spot trends and identify potential issues and take the appropriate next steps. You can use integration with Amazon CloudWatch Events to send your findings to ticketing, chat or automated remediation systems.
The tool is currently in preview but will be available for free once it’s fully operational.