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Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ
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Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ
Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ was born in Gaziantep. Since his father was a civil servant, he spent the first years of his education in several cities. After completing his high school education, he completed his undergraduate education in Canakkale Education Institute and graduated as a teacher. While he was teaching at Ağrı, he gained his medical degree and started to study medicine at Kayseri University.After working in Iskenderun State Hospital during his obligatory service period, he became a General Surgery Specialist in Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital with a specialization period. He continued to work as an instructor at Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital.In 2015, Assist. Assoc. Dr. He worked at Nişantaşı University. He then became Associate Professor at the International University of America in London. Academic Citations:
Main Services
Breast Surgery
Stomach Balloon
Stomach Clamp (Adjustable Silicone Gastric Band)
Stapling the stomach
Regular appointment
Obesity Surgery
Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Stomach) Surgery

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What is gastric balloon ?
What is gastric balloon ? Gastric Balloonsystemconsistsof asoft,expandableballoon,a specialtubethat is usedforplacingandfillingthe balloonin thestomachand aspecialballoonliquid filler.That construction allowdoctorto placegastric balloonthrough themouthand esophagusof the patientinthe stomach, andthenfillitwith sterilesaline.After fillingthe balloonistoolarge toentertheintestineandwillfloatfreelyin the stomach. Who can use gastric balloon ? The system isdesignedtohelppeoplewhoweighat least40%morethan they shouldand have notmanaged to get along-termweight lossusingothermethods.Gastricballoonmay beparticularlyhelpfulto peoplewho have to undergoanothersurgery,importantfortheir health,orlife, […]
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