AMA: We Teach the Value of Risk Management

While risk is a part of every project’s existence, is formal risk management worth the expense? Positive thinking can overcome risks. How detailed should our risk processes be?

This session is for those who have struggled to convince their sponsors, team members, or themselves that risk management is worth more money than it costs.

Payson Hall and Shashroy, risk management experts, will answer all your questions and share their experience managing risks on complex projects of various sizes and complexity. This includes everything from a toddler’s party to $2B system development projects.

Payson and Shash differ on how they view such questions.

We have identified a risk…now what?
How can risks be cost effectively-identified?
How detailed should a risk log be
What does it mean “accept” a chance?
How can you prevent Risk Management from becoming a “check the boxes” exercise?