AI + Coronavirus + D: How Technology Can Help You Restart Your Business Securely. What are the roles of data, AI and analytics in mitigating COVID-19’s impact on the workplace or public spaces? As workers return to their jobs and people return to public places, COVID-19 presents new risks to organizations. This talk is based on the presenter’s recent interviews with many organizations and his decades of experience in delivering applied AI solutions. It reviews the latest thinking on how organizations tackle this difficult problem and shows some of the new approaches. View the slide deck

Dr. Lorien Pratt

Dr. Pratt is an expert in applied AI, ML and NLP solutions. She has been working with them for over three decades. She is a well-known author and has been featured on NPR multiple times, on two TEDx Talks, as well as being a respected keynote speaker. This webinar will explain: What is AI and DI? Both are essential for COVID-19 decision-making. How to use AI to identify patterns in data, both public and private, that affect risk. How to use agent-based simulations in order to understand how people interact with your facility. This will help you to create risk-reducing policies. How to connect multiple AI models in order to understand the chain of policy to outcome. Understanding how visualization and models can help you understand how mitigation policies (distancing masks, UV lights staggered hours etc.) work. influences risk. Similar Courses: Artificial Intelligence Overview For the Enterprise Introduction To Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Data Science Overview Applied Python Data Science