A cold reception

On Saturday, I went to the Kube Hotel’s Ice Bar and tried vodka cocktails made from blocks of ice. Although I was initially able to tolerate the temperature of -10 degrees, after about half an hour, I noticed that my fingers were no longer wrapped around my block ice glass. You can only be in the room for 30 minutes at a stretch. It was a fascinating experience. I wish I could have been there when Grey Goose came up with the idea of creating an ice room complete with a statue of Liberty. Although my IT projects aren’t as interesting, I imagine that the work environment in my office is more pleasant than watching a team carve blocks of ice.
It’s a never-ending task because the glasses can’t be reused and the air conditioning units can cause them to melt. It was a similar experience writing my project management book. Just as I thought I had it all, I realize the extent of the work that remains.
Although the actual writing of the book is complete, it is still in the development phase. There are still tasks to be completed, including editing, getting copyright approval and commissioning artwork. This project is very long and I only recently realized that it is one of the longest. I will not be able to finish it until I have a copy of it in my hands. It will not be over yet, as there will be speeches and signings and then the build up to Phase 2 – another book.
Despite the hard work, I enjoy the process. Now that the writing part is done, the other tasks, even though they have shorter durations, are much easier to see the progress. Keep an eye out for the big announcement in November…