7 Questions Every Project Manager Should Ask their Client

By showing concern for your project, its people and the process, you want to be an effective project manager. How do you do that when you have a new client and a new project? It all comes down to understanding what makes a project work well and what questions you should ask to ensure that you have the details in place.
Ask your client some hard questions before you start any project. This will help you ensure that you are using the correct processes for the project and that your expectations about how your team will work together are met.
These are 7 questions you can ask your client to help get your project off to a good start.
1. What is the business or objective of the project?
Understanding the why behind a project will help you keep your team focused on the end result. This allows you to create a project strategy that meets the client’s overall goal.
2. What is the project deadline? Is there any important dates or milestones?
Every project has a deadline. Sometimes, it’s arbitrary. Sometimes it’s arbitrary. Other times, it’s related a campaign, meeting, or any other large event with a hard date. TeamGantt event management software can help you make sure everything is done on time.
Do not just draw a plan to meet the deadline. Make sure you keep the deadline in mind when creating a project plan. A gantt diagram is a great tool to map out your project plan, communicate timelines to your team, track progress, and keep you informed of any changes.
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Get your free plan What criteria will you use and your client to determine the success of your project?
Do you want to set your team up for success? Next, set a goal and define clear metrics. To determine the criteria that will make the project successful, work closely with your client. This simple question can help your team achieve success beyond the project. It can be in the form client referrals, additional projects or another long-term win.
4. Who is responsible to which deliverables of the project? Who are the stakeholders?
The primary source of responsibility is internal. Who is responsible for which part of the project? Your client’s needs will be met by your team. Keep your team organized and communicate your responsibilities clearly. TeamGantt’s project management software is free and makes it easy for you to assign tasks and track your progress.
Every project has an owner. It could be the person you are talking to. It could be the boss. You need to know who will give final approval and who will sign the checks. Make sure to inform the owner of the project and keep them informed about the next steps. These details should be clarified before you begin work.
To delegate roles and responsibilities, use a RACI table so everyone understands how they contribute to a project’s success.
5. How can you communicate feedback with stakeholders and inform them of the project’s success?
You want to make sure that your clients are comfortable with the process of accepting feedback from clients and iterating on deliverables. There is nothing worse than receiving five sets of conflicting feedback and having it all sorted out. It will confuse you, annoy and set your timeline ablaze. Talk about the feedback process early and establish expectations about how you would like to be contacted and who should participate.
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