7 Project Management Thought Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter

It can be difficult to find high-quality resources when you are trying to improve your project manager skills. This is why we created the guide to project management as well as the blog you are currently reading. We’ve met many people and resources that have been extremely helpful in helping us become better project managers. You can find great information by following thought leaders on Twitter. These are some of the people we recommend that you follow.
7 Project Management Thought Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter
Brett Harned
I am excited to announce that I am writing a book on project management for @RosenfeldMedia. https://t.co/qjS6VpCBxd– Brett Harned (@brettharned) January 20, 2016
Brett is an independent consultant in digital project management and co-founded PathfinderDPM, a company that offers training to digital project managers. He has been a project manager in the digital sector for over 15 years. He has worked at well-known digital agencies such as Razorfish and Happy Cog. Brett is a regular contributor to this blog and helped us to write The Guide to Project Management.
Peter Taylor

Social Project Management with Peter Taylor https://t.co/GHUqRvPiVq via @pm4girls pic.twitter.com/bIv7e4e9UE– Peter Taylor (@thelazypm) December 5, 2015
Peter is the global head of Kronos’ PMO and the author of The Lazy Project Manager, the best-selling book. His mission is to make project managing fun by teaching as many people as possible how to work smarter, not harder, and still achieve success in the battle for work/life balance. More information can be found at www.thelazyprojectmanager.com
PMI Institute

What is the #1 skill every #PM should possess? This #PMP explains integration. RT if you agree: https://t.co/g9Oll9p7a1#PMNetworkpic.twitter.com/WKrdG7axXl — PMI (@PMInstitute) January 24, 2016The Project Management Institute is a membership, advocacy and professional development organization for the project management profession. Even if your not a member, their twitter stream and website are great resources for helping you improve your project management skills.
Susanne Madsen
Today’s new! “Team motivation: Why we need more than money to be truly fulfilled”: http://t.co/Ja62WABYI8 … #pmot pic.twitter.com/Q1vg43SSQZ– Susanne Madsen (@SusanneMadsen) May 6, 2015
Susanne is a project management coach, trainer, and consultant. Author of “The Project Management Coaching Workbook” and “The Power of Project Leadership”. She tweets about leadership and management, as well as how to become a better project manager. Susanne is a great resource to help you develop the people skills and leadership skills necessary to be a great project manger. Susanne is a great person to add to your feed if you need some inspiration.
Project Smart News

Carrying Out a Feasibility Study: How to Make a Smart Decision https://t.co/cI7ypcBXb1 #pmot #projectsmart– Project Smart News (@ProjectSmart) January 24, 2016
Project Smart is an information rich site. Their goal is to improve the performance of project managers at all levels. Follow them on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends in leadership and project management. You can also visit their website to access the archived articles they have published over the years.
Lindsay Scott
Writing a Project Management CV #pmot https://t.co/0vjMeMccW0 pic.twitter.com/qU1f3MMLJN– Lindsay Scott (@projectmgmt) January 9, 2016
Lindsay is the Director of Project Management Recruitment at ArrasPeople. She is also the co-editor of Handbook of People and PM. She writes about leadership and career advice in project management. If you are just graduating, she is a great resource. Her advice on topics such as putting together a resume and what to expect from interviews is gold