4 PM Training Options to Boost Your Career – Choose The Best PM Course

Are you looking to make a career in project and program management? Are you interested in learning more about PM Training to enhance your career? Even if your current job is in project management, you might be interested to learn more about PM Training options. This post will help. This post will help you to understand the Project Management Training that is available from different sources and certifications.
Why PM Training (Project Management Training),?
Let’s look at the why and how of various Project Management Training Options.
Need for Project Managers
Did you know that Project Management is one of the most sought-after professions? Organizations are using project management to achieve their goals. Project Management Training is crucial to keep up with the market. Did you know that there will be 1.57 million new jobs in project management?
Important role of Project Management Training
Are you interested in maximizing this enormous opportunity in project management? You should definitely improve your PM skills by taking PM training. Professional PM training is essential if you want the ability to thrive in this constantly changing environment.
If you plan to become certified, some of the PM training options will be mandatory. Certification is highly sought after and mandatory for many companies. PM Training will increase your knowledge and skills and help you to reenergize your career.
What are the different PM Training options?
Most PM Training providers offer certification-focused training because certifications are desirable. If you want to move quickly up the ladder, certification is mandatory. Let’s take a look at the options available for PM Training.
PM Training #1: PMP and CAPM Training from PMI
Are you looking for the most sought-after PM Training and Certification? PMP Certification and Training are the best fit for you.
What is PMP? PMP stands for Project Management Professional, which is the most sought-after certification for project managers worldwide.
Who issues this certification? Project Management Institute (PMI), the most widely recognized organization for project management, is the best. PMI is headquartered in Philadelphia, USA and has chapters around the world.
What is PMBOK? PMBOK PDF (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is the internationally recognized framework for project management. This is the foundation of PM Training for PMP (Certified Associate In Project Management)
These training programs are open to anyone. If you plan to become a PMP, you can opt for the 35-hour PM Training. A 23-hour Training is required if your goal is to become a CAPM. If you have experience managing projects, PMP is the best option. If you are just graduating from college, Certified Associate for Project Management is a great option.

What are the requirements for PMP? Are you looking for PM Training that is specifically geared towards PMP only? You don’t need to meet any minimum requirements in this case. If you want to take the PMP Certification Exam, make sure you meet these PMP exam requirements.
Education Qualification: 4-year Bachelor Degree
Experience: 4500 hours in leading and directing projects
35 hours PMP certification course

I don’t have a 4-year bachelor degree. Can I still apply for PMP Certification? If you meet the PMP requirements, you can apply for PMP certification.
Your secondary degree or high school diploma
35 hours of project management education
7500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects

What is the 35-hour Project Management Education? If you are interested in PMP Certification, you will need to complete 35 hours of PM training.
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