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Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Hair loss

Have you recently started witnessing hair loss? Or are you ignoring it from a long time? Don’t. Now treat it, that too safely & without side-effects. Take your 1st step now.

Homeopathy works effectively for hair loss as it treats the condition in a gentle and holistic manner. People across the world prefer homeopathy over conventional treatment, as it is a painless, natural and a scientific process. Homeopathy helps strengthen the hair roots naturally and surely.

Consult Dr Batra’s™ Hair Experts for a Digital Hair Analysis, a 3-Dimensional Evaluation of your hair that allows us to treat hair loss from the roots.

Instant to permanent solutions

Why Dr Batras

  • A team of over 15 doctors personally trained by Dr Jai Bansal, India’s first trichologist from The Trichological Society of London & Immediate Past President, TTS London.
  • Successfully treated over 1 lakh hair loss patients
  • Treatment without any side-effects
  • From instant to permanent solutions for hair loss
  • 94% success rate authenticated by American Quality Assessors
  • Holistic healing through customized treatment plans
  • Guidance for correct nutrition and supplementation

Easy 5 Steps to Restore Your Hair

Book an appointment online in less than 30 seconds
Visit any of our 240+ clinics across 130+ cities and consult our expert doctors
Take a Digital Hair Analysis to evaluate hair loss
Get a personalized treatment plan depending on your hair condition.
Have convenient treatment follow-ups once a month.


Accoring to an independent study conducted by A C Nielson:

  • 90% Dr Batra’s patients do not change to any other treatment.
  • Around 73% patients recommend Dr Batra’sHomeopathy as the best solution for their problem as compared to any other form of treatment.

Did You Know?

  • About 75% of women in India find bald men less attractive.
  • Balding men look 5 years older than their age.
  • 41% of men selected for job interviews had full hair as against to 27% of those who were balding.

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