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Obesity is one ofthe most common problems around the world. In recent years, we can even seeobesity among children. This is known as childhood obesity. In most cases,individuals with childhood obesity experience this problem in the future. Withadvancements in medicine and technology, it is possible to solve this problem.There are different obesity treatments like gastric balloon.
Each obesity treatment is developed to offer solution to specific problem. For example, gastric balloon in Turkeywill help patients with weight problems to lose weight. This procedure helps patients to limit their daily food consumption. This way, daily calorie intake of the patients will decrease. Over the long run, this decrease leads to weight loss as well.
Most of the time,people are concerned about obesity treatments. It is important to know what toexpect from this procedure. Generally, these procedures have almost no sideeffects. Gastric balloon side effects is also rare. Additionally,knowing the procedure will increase confidence level of patients. In thisarticle, we will explain all the details about this procedure. Also, we willtalk about who can eb a good candidate for this procedure. After reading thisarticle, you will have general idea about what to expect from gastric balloon.
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GastricBalloon Procedure As Obesity TreatmentIsGastric Balloon a Surgery?
HowIs Gastric Balloon Applied?
Whatto Do After Procedure?
WhoCan Have Gastric Balloon?
Benefitsand Risks of Gastric BalloonHowto Choose Gastric Balloon Clinic?

GastricBalloon Procedure As Obesity Treatment
Gastric balloonprocedure is one of the options for obesity treatment. This procedure isapplied all around the world. Gastric balloon in Turkey is also a commonapplication. Individuals in Turkey are also experiencing weight problems. Forthis reason, doctors in this country are becoming experts in these procedures.
Before thisprocedure, patients with obesity problem need to follow certain rules. Theserules include strict diet and exercise. Patients are asked to follow diet andexercise program given by the doctor. This way, doctors can see the dedicationof the patient. One of the most important factors in these procedures is themindset to lose weight. It is important to lose some weight before theoperation.
In case of obesity,doctors use these procedures as a last resort. First, patients are asked tofollow a healthy lifestyle. Eating habits of these patients are changed withsuitable new diets. Also, these diets are supported with suitable exercises.Combination of diet and exercise can make a difference in patients withexcessive weight.
However, in mostcases, diet and exercise cannot offer a solution to obese people. Obesity ishard t solve compared to excessive weight. In case of obesity, individuals gainexcessive weight that cannot be lost with diet or exercise. In this case, gastricballoon offers a solution. This procedure can be applied as an obesitytreatment.
IsGastric Balloon a Surgery?
Unlike otherobesity treatment, gastric balloon procedure is a non-surgicalprocedure. This means, patients do not need to worry about going into surgery.Also, as a non-surgical procedure, risks associated with gastric balloon arerelatively lower than other surgical obesity treatments. However, this balloonmust be removed after 6 months. For this reason, gastric balloon weight loss will continue until six months. After the balloon is removed, patients need tobe careful about what they eat.
HowIs Gastric Balloon Applied?
In this procedure,balloon is placed into stomach. While doing that, special endoscopic tools areused. Doctors will enter from throat and place the balloon inside the stomach.Special camera is used to properly place the balloon.
At first, balloonis not inflated. When places inside the stomach, balloon is inflated. Specialsaline mixture is used for inflating gastric balloon. Generally, entireprocedure takes about 30-40 minutes.
Whatto Do After Procedure?
There are few rulesto follow before and after gastric balloon. By following these rules,patients experience an easy procedure process. Generally, these rules are abouteating. Approximately 6 hours after the procedure, patients can consumeliquids. This liquid diet will continue up to 2 weeks. Generally, strict liquiddiet is followed for the first 3 days.
After the first 3days, semi-liquid foods might be added to diet. However, patients need to waitfor 2 weeks to consume solid foods. Also, it is important to give body a chanceto fit to this new situation. If patients feel uncomfortable with semi-liquidor solid foods, they need to go back to previous step. They need to follow thisstep until they feel comfortable about transition to next step.
There is oneimportant thing to consider after this procedure. Gastric balloon willreduce the stomach volume. For this reason, patient need to consume less foodthat they are used to. Also, it is important to avoid fatty food. Fatty food orice cream or carbonated drinks might cause discomfort. To prevent any negativesituations, patients need to follow the diet program given by the doctor.
WhoCan Have Gastric Balloon?
There are certainrules for gastric balloon procedure. Patients need to meet certaincriteria. For example, this procedure is recommended to individuals with BMI(body mass index) between 30 and 40. This category is considered a obese.
Also, patients whowant to have this procedure must be willing to make certain lifestyle changes.After this procedure, eating habits of the patient will change. They will startto eat less and choose healthier food. At first, this could be a challengingchange for most of the people.
Another thing to beconsidered before this procedure is related with health. Patient with priorstomach problems cannot have this operation. Also, patients who had esophagealsurgery cannot have this procedure. Patients need to inform their doctors aboutthese conditions.
Benefitsand Risks of Gastric Balloon
Like many otherprocedures, this procedure also has certain risks. When we look at the gastricballoon pros and cons, we can see benefits of this procedure. First, thisprocedure will help patients to lose weight. In most cases, patients whostruggle in losing weight wants to have this procedure. In 6-month period,patients experience significant weight loss. When supported with adequateexercise, patients can maintain their weight after gastric balloon removal.
After theprocedure, patients might experience nausea for couple of hours. Also, somepatients tend to vomit after this procedure. These two condition are extremelynormal. Since a balloon is placed inside the stomach, this balloon might causediscomfort for the first couple of days. But this discomfort will pass within aweek.
Howto Choose Gastric Balloon Clinic?
There are ton ofoptions when it comes to this procedure. Gastric balloon in İstanbul offers this procedure with expert doctors. Doctors and clinics in Turkey areexperienced in this field. For this reason, patients who consider having gastricballoon abroad can consider Turkey as an option.
Another thing aboutTurkey is the hospitability. Doctors and medical team in Istanbul will welcomeall patients. Gastric balloon prices in İstanbul are affordable for mostof the patients. For this reason, more and more patients are choosing Turkeyand İstanbul for their procedures. What is more, patient can discover thebeautiful city while they are recovering. İstanbul offers tons of options anddifferent things to do when patients are recovering from their gastricballoon procedure. In this sense, İstanbul has become one of the top placesin terms of this procedure and other medical procedures.
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